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  • We Saw This: Marshstepper

    Thursday night Saint Vitus played host to a five-band bill, headlined by Marshstepper, of Tempe, Arizona. It was a stellar night with writhing bodies, groping couples, arcing guitars, heavy feedback, and black leather.

  • We Saw This: Church Whip

    Welcome to punk in the online age, where apparently hardcore bands from Tampa need to answer to an aging Brooklyn-based indie-rock record reviewer who clearly feels the need to preemptively punish young up-and-comers. If you haven’t heard about the Church Whip tour scandal you ei…

  • We Saw This: Hirsute Pursuit

    Ass was literally everywhere the other night when Hirsute Pursuit played their first announced show. If that wasn’t enough, Boyd Rice flew in as support. The icing on the cake was Cult of Youth as an opener. Basically from where I’m sitting, last night was the stuff of dreams. Da…

  • We Saw This: Alberich

    Last week I went to see Alberich play at Saint Vitus with Natural Assembly, Åmes Sanglantes, Terrorism, and Cremation Lily. The show was noteworthy for three reasons. First, Alberich, the shining star of the Hospital Productions roster rarely plays so even though he is local it w…

  • We Saw This: Lust for Youth

    Hannes Norrvide’s gloomy dance project, Lust for Youth played their first US show last week at the place where almost every dark electro-driven act plays their first US show, everyone’s favorite black-draped smoked-filled deathtrap, Wierd.

  • In Honor of Sacred Bones' EOTW Show and Compilation, Here's the Premiere of VAR's "The Boy or the Boot"

    Brooklyn label Sacred Bones is celebrating their five-year anniversary with an end of the world freak out show, and compilation in the desert. To celebrate, they gave us the exclusive premiere of VAR's "The Boy or the Boot" off of the comp.

  • Jennifer Herrema and the Case of the Fake Banana

    Artist, musician, and all around badass Jennifer Herrema is participating in the New Museum Store's She's Crafty series of holiday window installations this week.

  • A Dancing Mummy K-hole

    In the spirit of Halloween, we're sharing our top five dancing mummy videos. For being dead, crusty things stuffed with herbs and bugs, they dance pretty well.

  • We Went to Wierd 500

    I’ve met very few people who are able to actually have fun at their own parties and Pieter (as the following photos will show) is one of them. Wierd has been around in various incarnations since 2002.

  • We Saw This: Nu Sensae

    I missed the first band because I was out front shooting the shit, and also talking about shit. The big pile of it that someone stepped in in front of the venue. It fucking smelled, and seriously bummed everyone out.