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  • Vito Fun's Winter Photo Dump 2014

    In this dump you'll find butts, bongs, a chihuahua driving a car, and enough unclothed young people frolicking in the sun to make you want to get outside and stop Facebook-stalking your friends who live in warmer places.

  • Vito Fun's Summer 2013 Photo Dump

    Thanks to global warming, summer 2013 lives on, giving Vito Fun more wiggle room to make people take their clothes off. But back when it actually WAS summer, Vito took a lot of pics and lived up to his surname. He sent the photos to us, and we decided to share them with you.

  • Vito Fun's Spring 2013 Photo Dump

    Now that summer is in full swing, it's easy to forget what it was like to not to have massive pit stains that envelope your whole shirt after 30 seconds outside in the sun. Luckily, our resident good-times street photographer Vito Fun managed to squeeze in a few shots during New

  • Superstorm Sandy, Six Months Later

    Just over six months ago, Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast and devasted entire communities, especially in areas that had never before been hit by such weather events. Now towns and cities all across the coast are scrambling to ready their houses and boardwalks, at least what i…

  • Vito Fun's Winter Photo Dump 2013

    Every year around this time, I emerge from seasonal-affective hibernation and begin to prepare for my weekly warm-weather pilgrimages to Fire Island. I dug through my winter archives and came up with a few images for you to look at while you enjoy this sort of nice day.

  • Vito Fun Finally Got Around to Sending Us His SXSW Photos

    SXSW is basically where New Yorkers go to pretend they are more successful than they actually are and network with other New Yorkers while draining their bank accounts and sleeping on couches. Here are some pics!

  • We Went to Cherie Lily's Album Release Party

    The party was at Santos Party House, which is in Manhattan, which meant that we had to go to Manhattan. We couldn't remember the last time we had fun in Manhattan. Cherie reminded us that it's still possible, though, because the party was off the proverbial chain.

  • Vito Fun's Fall Photo Dump

    Every year around this time, winter makes us forget what it feels like to be warm and we start to wonder if the sun will ever return to our frigid planet. Lucky for us, Vito Fun recently rummaged through his last remaining photos from 2012 and sent us a few reminders that maybe o…

  • Vito Fun's Summer Photo Dump 2012

    The days of snow cones and skinny dipping in the East River are history, people. Winter came in fierce a couple of weeks ago with its bitch mistress Sandy, and from here on out it's going to be all hot toddies and whatever humanity-threatening death-flu happens to pop up this yea…

  • Vito Fun Went to Bonnaroo

    He shot a ton of Dos and Don'ts (mostly Don'ts).