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  • Matthew Power, 1974–2014

    On Monday, Men's Journal reporter Matthew Power died in Uganda. When I heard the terrible news, I thought of an obituary Matt had written for a mutual friend of ours years earlier: "Even to write in the past tense seems strange," he wrote. "It negates the immortality that

  • VICE News

    White Student Union

    We went to Towson University to speak with Matthew Heimbach, the founder of a group that advocates for “persons of European heritage." We also met the students who want him off campus... or at least muzzled. White Student Union is a documentary about race, class, and self-…

  • Unaccompanied Miners

    Jackson and I were on a mission to find child miners. Jackson was nervous, with good reason—sixty kids died from cave-ins and other accidents in the Cerro Rico in 2008 alone. In a country as poor as Bolivia, just because tourists—or children—are allowed to do something doesn’t me…

  • Wave of Immolation

    It’s not every day that you meet someone who has set himself on fire. One reason for this is because it’s pretty much the most awful and insane thing imaginable. On a recent trip to Bulgaria, I met not one but two people who had survived suicide attempts by fire.

  • Here Comes the White-Power Safety Patrol

    Matthew has formed a group called the White Student Union that advocates for “persons of European heritage”—what most of us call “white people.” It comes as a surprise to the African American students who feel targeted by the night patrols Matthew began conducting in March…

  • The Polaroid Kidd Has a Photo Show in NYC Today

    Train-hopping photographer Mike Brodie is an authentic, unschooled genius, and his new book is a record of his years on the road. He estimates that he's covered 50,000 miles, and his photos are documents of what Woody Guthrie used to call "hard travelin'," snapshots of living the…

  • The Destruction of Breezy Point

    Two nights ago during Hurricane Sandy, while many New Yorkers were crying about having no internet, the people in Breezy Point, Queens, watched their neighborhood become a water-logged, flame-engulfed vision of hell.