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The Party Island of Ibiza

Understanding British life through its partying subcultures.

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  • The Party Island of Ibiza

    Ibiza is a place that looms large in all our imaginations, the sun-kissed, beer-drenched rock in the middle of the Mediterranean where all our hedonistic dreams can come true. But what is it that makes people come back year after year to the same tiny island?

  • Do Brits Get Hip-Hop?

    Clive and the team headed down to Bristol—the spiritual home of the British B-boy scene—to investigate whether people from the UK can rap or they should just leave it to the Americans.

  • The People Vs. Big Night Out

    Over the course of the Big Night Out series, host Clive Martin has received a fair bit of abuse via YouTube comments. So we thought it was only fair to give him the opportunity to respond to some of them.

  • The Metal Night

    Clive Martin heads to the dark side to investigate the shadowy world of the UK metal scene. In a club with an enormous Satan behind the DJ booth, he meets all the stock characters, from grungers, to goths, to overgrown emo kids, to lipstick lesbian metal chicks.

  • RIP Indie

    Clive gets his old Libertines jacket out of the closet and heads to Shoreditch, indie's new London home, and discovers that the scene isn’t quite as he remembered it.

  • The Drunken Student Disco

    Setting out on the ultimate night out with the Cardiff University rugby team, Clive must endure the pre-lash, the dirty pint, the Jägerbomb, and the banter. Can he win their acceptance, or will he forever be a "shit-lad"?

  • The Drum 'n' Bass Night

    Clive Martin travels to Reading, in Berkshire, England, to breathe in the Lynx Africa body spray at a drum 'n' bass night. The scene has been a rave gateway for generations of British youth and it's still refusing to die.

  • Psytrance Rave in a Forest

    After coming across a forest rave deep in the English countryside, Clive Martin finds himself amongst swinging dreadlocks, "poi artists," evil clowns, inexplicably posh Made in Chelsea extras, and a scrotum-headed demon.

  • The Gabber Night

    In the first episode of Big Night Out, Clive Martin heads north to Glasgow in search of the dark heart of the UK Gabber scene. To do this he must endure 200 BPM tunes, scores of shirtless men punching the ceiling, hockey mask wearing hardcore fiends, and a man with a rathe…