• People Who Just Had Sex: Tobias and Brian

    In this episode we meet Tobias and Brian, a Brooklyn couple who have had particularly unique and experimental sexual histories—from gay porn auditions, to Tobias losing his virginity on a plane, to three-way relationships, to a stint of anti-gay therapy prompted by the Mormon chu…

  • Skate World DIY Skate Jam Gallery

    Johannesburg area skaters and Levi’s® went back to pump more new blood into Skate World, after the build it got about a year ago. They organized a skate jam with a few competitions built into it that jammed alongside a smaller DIY build, improvising different bits and pouring mor…

  • Come to Nitehawk Cinema's Live Sound Cinema Presentation of 'Vampyr'

    As part of Nitehawk Cinema's Live Sound Cinema presentation, they'll be screening the silent horror classic, Vampyr. Here's what their Director of Programming, John Woods, had to say about it.

  • Levi’s Skateboarding®: Milton Arellano on the Legs and Guts of Pura Pura

    Milton Arellano is in a daze right now after making his contribution as the local leader for the construction of Pura Pura Skatepark high up on the slopes of La Paz, Bolivia. I talked to him to find out what it took to create the park, from the lean years of making noise without

  • Nitehawk's Art Seen Series Presents 'The Horse's Mouth'

    Directed by Ronald Neame, The Horse’s Mouth is a comedic British masterpiece and, though it may come as a surprise for those who best know him as Star Wars’ Obi Wan Kenobi, Guinness’ performance is strange, hilarious, and very touching. Don’t miss this opportunity to see him, as…

  • Do Girls Like Toys More Than Boys?

    I decided to consult my favorite sex therapist, June Tomaso-Wood, to ask her if it’s true that girls like toys more than boys.

  • Nitehawk's Art Seen Series Presents 'Rough Cut'

    In his debut film Rough Cut, UK artist Jamie Shovlin deconstructs filmmaking by creating a documentary that shows the process of remaking a horror movie that actually never happened.

  • Nitehawk’s Art Seen Series Presents 'The Great Flood'

    Nitehawk Cinema has teamed up with Absolut to bring you another installment in the Art Seen series—the mission being to show the relationship between film and visual art by showcasing works that are most often screened in a gallery setting. This weekend they'll be showing The Gre…

  • Watch French Favorite 'Fantastic Planet' This Weekend at Nitehawk

    Fantastic Planet (or La Planète sauvage, for the purists) is a well-known French film that you should have watched in high school during your hippie phase. If you haven't, here's your shot at redemption.

  • How the Rubber Duckie Became a Symbol of Happiness—and Climate Research

    Thanks to Jim Henson and Sesame Street, rubber duckies became symbols of youth and happiness. But now, they're so much more than that. Here's a rundown of what rubber duckies have been up to lately.

  • Levi’s Skateboarding: Jamie O’Brien Talks Skate World, Skate Africa

    As Levi’s continues to get more involved in skateboarding, the brand has largely taken a cue from its audience in what it puts together, whom it works with, and how it spends its money. Now, it's partnering with South African builders to breathe new life into Edendale’s Skate Wor…

  • Go See Nitehawk's Screening of 'Mad Max' Tonight

    George Miller’s Mad Max is one of the most successful examples of genres being crossbred to make a completely new and ferocious kind of film. Come watch it tonight at Nitehawk Cinemas in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Nitehawk’s Art Seen Series Presents Bluebeard in 35MM!

    Nitehawk Cinema has teamed up with Absolut to bring you the next installment in the Art Seen series—Bluebeard!

  • My Journey Beneath the Streets of New York with Steve Duncan

    Entering the NYC tunnels is illegal, so Steve and I had to pick a day when the police were less guarded and we wouldn’t get caught. We decided on January 3, the coldest day of the year.

  • Come to Nitehawk Cinema's ART SEEN Double Screening Tomorrow

    If you're like us—into movies and vodka (ideally at the same time)—make sure to stop by Nitehawk Cinema's double feature screening tomorrow.

  • Nitehawk: ABSOLUT Recap

    When winter hits, I become a dormant, shivering, less interesting version of my already only somewhat interesting self. I've often wished there was a recurring event at a Brooklyn hideaway during winter. Luckily, thanks to Nitehawk and ABSOLUT, I now have an escape.

  • San Francisco's Divisadero Street Is Covered In Art and Zines

    Open Canvas is a traveling outdoor art exhibit curated by ABSOLUT. The first installment was in Brooklyn a few weeks back, and the second is happening right this second in San Francisco.

  • Ip Man: The Grandmaster of Kung Fu

    To celebrate the release of The Grandmaster, the highly anticipated new film by Wong Kar-wai, VICE teamed up with former Marvel and IDW editor Andy Schmidt for this stunning animated web comic.  Following the movie's plot, the rich media-enabled comic is an epic action fea…

  • Corporate Shilling - Suck at Money? Try Moven

    For me, trying to save money was a joke. My paycheck was gone before it was even deposited. The minimum payments on my credit card and student loans were so high, I considered slanging rocks just to keep the collectors off my back. I tried out Moven and now all my financial woes

  • Peter Ramondetta Has a New Shoe

    In celebration of his new shoe from HUF, Peter Ramondetta went to the Astoria skatepark to walk us through the ins and outs of what the sneaker has going for it, and was able to squeeze in a few lines at the same time.

  • What Counts as "Fake" These Days?

    What counts as "fake" these days? Jumped-up reality celebrities putting their name to charities they know nothing about for an investment in their own careers? Bald men who wear toupees when their natural beauty is screaming out from underneath that mop of synthetic hair?

  • We Live in a Dishonest Generation

    Let’s be honest. We live in a dishonest generation. Politicians are lying to us, half the world has plastic surgery, and no one really knows what’s genuinely cool and what’s just ironically cool. In a time when so much of the world seems false, we have to ask: What can we do to f…