• Batman Comics

    Print is dying. People are creating zines. Nobody will reblog my Tumblr post. Light the Bat-Signal, Commissioner Gordon! We need Batman!

  • Fashion Cat - "Herbs de Provence"

    This week's installment of Blobby Boys has been hijacked by Fashion Cat.

  • Little Nowhere

    Have you ever walked past a screaming kid in a stroller and thought, I wish someone would steal that kid, force him to shut the hell up, and then punish his parents? This is the story of a scary monster who does just that.

  • Blobby Boys - Part 6

    In this week's episode of Alex Schubert's Blobby Boys, the Boys sharpen their knives as they're pressed for their origin story.

  • Fancy Sneakers

    Our Sunday comics are like the weekly funny pages, except they're by rising artists and about weird shit, like talking sneakers, instead of single men who live with orange cats.

  • Band for Life - Part 6

    In this week's Band for Life, the band tries to sell gramp's motorcycle and struggles to balance their career with family life.

  • Blobby Boys - Part 5

    In this week's episode of Alex Schubert's Blobby Boys a detective with a strange past tries to track the Boys down by any means necessary.

  • Three Diary Comics

    A few months ago, Leslie Stein emailed us an illustrated excerpt from her diary. We loved it so much, we asked her to share more of her colorful diary entries with us.

  • Band for Life - Part 5

    In this week's episode of Band for Life, Guntit realizes they are dead-broke. How will they afford a van to get to their first gig?

  • Blobby Boys - Part 4

    In part 4 of Alex Schubert's Blobby Boys, the Boys give a keyboard player with a bad haircut a shot at being in the band.

  • X-Men: Simulation City (Graphic Novel)

    Comic book superstar Ed Piskor has illustrated American Splenor comics and designed characters for Adult Swim's Mongo Wrestling Alliance. He's pretty much the shit, so when he told us about a comic book he drew when he was a kid, we were like, Holy shit! We want

  • Blobby Boys - Part 3

    In the third installment of Blobby Boys, the Boys learn that freegans are total dicks.

  • Family Matters

    Howdy, Carl! Whatcha up to?

  • Francis and the Bicycle

    Do you miss being a kid and spending every night cuddling a Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animal? Well, have no fear! Francis Bear is here, and he's exactly like Pooh Bear, if Pooh Bear loved beer instead of an androgynous pig named Piglet.

  • Blobby Boys - Part 1

    About a month ago we promoted Nick Gazin from resident mouthbreather to art editor, and one of his first orders of business has been to ratchet up the number of serialized comics on VICE.com. Today we are happy to premiere the first of Alex Schubert's new series, Blobby Boys…

  • Bitch of a Bitch

    You know when you're having a relaxing Sunday afternoon, and then out of nowhere everything goes to shit? Well, this week's Sunday comic is about that.

  • Band for Life

    Have you heard the good news? It is the dawn of a new golden age in VICE comics. We have enlisted a few of our favorite cartoonists, comickers, and artists to create original series for us. The first one, 'Band for Life,' is by Anya Davis, and we are proud to present the first in…

  • Fashion Cat in: 'Pizza'

    Comic by Alex Schubert.

  • Feb 14TH. 42AD

    "Please, give this note to her with a single red rose. I want this to be the first thing she sees when her sight returns."

  • I Was a Preteen Alice Cooper

    The year was 1989. My mom took me to the supermarket, and I walked past the video games and walked into the music aisle. There, I met a leather-clad alien with long, black hair, who would change my life. His name was Alice Cooper.

  • Two and a Half Men

    Dad, will you help me with my math homework?

  • There's Only One Me

    Look over there at that purple blob! He's cute and sweet and lives in a castle. He's the perfect friend, except for the fact that he, well, locks people up and keeps them in a dungeon if they follow him into his castle.

  • Sleep Hole

    I was trying to sleep, but my dumb boyfriend kept waking me up to tell me that he had made coffee. For whatever reason, the idiot couldn't comprehend that I only wake up to party.

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #98

    The biggest comic news of the last month has doubtlessly been that Shia Labeouf ripped off a movie he made called HowardCantor.com from a Dan Clowes comic called Justin M. Damiano. I'm surprised that more people don't recognize what Shia did as an act of self-destruction.

  • Jan 8 ’14 10:30 PM

    Leslie Stein has developed a following for her autobiographical comic book series Eye of the Majestic Creature, published by Fantagraphics Books. In this week's Sunday comic, Leslie continues her autobiographical experiment, writing about everyone's favorite things: fried

  • Pecan Sandy

    Pecan Sandy was the cutest girl in town. She drank camomile tea, hung out with a teddy bear, and everyone loved her—at least, until she burnt her house down.

  • Action Bronson's Last Supper

    I've been an Action Bronson fanatic since 2011. Here's my vision for Mr. Baklava's last supper, joined by his 12 (wrestler) disciples, Phil Collins, and some of the best wine the world has ever seen.

  • Cannibal Sativa

    I was drunk on malt liquor when I smoked my first hit of marijuana. I went bananas and nearly jumped seven stories out of my Upper West Side apartment window.

  • Francis Bear

    Minus forest fires and poachers, bears are living the life. They sit, drink, and shit all day long. One day, Francis Bear was lounging on his roof, having a lazy afternoon, when his friend came over with beers and snacks. It was a perfect lazy day until Francis started to play wi…

  • Here Are the Ten Best Comics of 2013, or at Least Some Good Comics That Came Out This Year That You Should Buy

    Trying to rank creative works in order of goodness is sort of vulgar and stupid, but anyway, here we go.