• The Reality TV KKK

    Why do we give her our necks? Is it because we smell it? Is it because we secretly dream of it? Is it because of our shame?

  • DEATH: A Poem

    Death is from Yesno. It's right next to Fresno.

  • Human Tragedy

    What is human tragedy? How often does human tragedy happen? That's a simple question with a not so simple answer.

  • Left Stand Up!

    As someone who is more liberal, I think liberals need to be less open. I know that's part of what it means to be liberal, but that trait can no longer be a part of our makeup.

  • Jesus/Hitler

    We are the new Germans. Meaning the new Nazis. However, instead of Hitler, we have Jesus. We burn books for him. We kill for him. If Hitler met Jesus he'd probably try to hang out with him.