• My Friend Is a Poet and I Didn't Even Know It

    My buddy Dan Boehl handed me a novel for young adults that he'd written titled 'Naomi and the Horse Flavored T-Shirt.' I checked out his website and realized that he has three more books of poetry in print, is writing a new novel titled 'Fire Twins,' and co-owns an independent po…

  • I Finally Watched 'Street Dreams'

    Last week I reviewed a craphole of a movie called 'Hardflip.' As I mentioned in that review, I'll pretty much watch any film that has skateboarding in it, so this week I decided to watch 'Street Dreams.' I had assumed that this might be the worst film in the boarding genre, but s…

  • I Finally Watched 'Hardflip'

    I will watch any movie that has something to do with skateboarding. They're all terrible, but the 80s kid in me still thinks there's something cool about watching a flick that has dudes Thrashin' in it. That being said, this Sunday I sat down to watch 'Hardflip,' what might be th…

  • I Wonder If Natas Still Skates

    A few months ago, a new hip was built at a ditch right down the street from my house. I drive by it every day and think to myself, 'I should go check that out and see if it's skateable.' Well this past Saturday I finally walked down the street to check it out. What follows is how…

  • My Studiomate Mike Aho Has a New Book

    Unpiano Books recently published a book for my studiomate Mike Aho. It's not every day that somebody publishes a book for my studio-mate Mike Aho, so I thought I'd write something about the project to celebrate. The book is a collaboration between Mike and Mel Kadel. If you're no…

  • My Ten Favorite Things in the Local Skate Shop

    There's nothing like a tail-sparking slap to the face to remind you that a skate shop is essentially a very sarcastic and opinionated toy store.

  • Ten Things That Happened in Skateboarding During 2012

    I thought I'd close out 2012 with a list of things that happened in skateboarding this year. I don't consider myself an expert and certainly don't keep up with the staggering skate video output the internet has beseeched us with, so don't consider this a list of the best moments

  • All I Want for Christmas

    Truth be told, I want absolutely nothing for Christmas. I'd actually like to get rid of some crap in my life Vs. acquiring more stuff, but for the sake of this column I came up with a list of things I'd like for Christmas. Or for the holidays. Or whatever they're calling it these…

  • Remember Zulu's?

    You might be asking yourself, "Why did two grown men spend their Sunday afternoon in a drainage ditch?" Valid question. Answer: Because we were trying to film some tricks for an upcoming Roger Skateboards video offering.

  • Hashtag Gum Soles

    Yesterday I totally shredded some ditches with two of my all time favorite dudes, the multigenerational Parsons Crew. Mike P. is pretty much a folk hero amongst older Austin skate nerds. Legendary for jumping in head first without checking the water in terms of skate safety.

  • Permitted Snooping

    I mentioned last week that the East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.) was taking place. To me, the most fun part about the tour is getting to step into artists' studios and see their personal workspaces. Permitted snooping.

  • Okay Mountain E.A.S.T. Tour

    The East Austin Studio Tour is a yearly self-guided tour in Austin, Texas where artists from all walks of life open their studio doors to the public. I co-own an art space/studio space in Austin called Okay Mountain, which seemed like a good place to start the tour.

  • The Trading Tortoise

    This past Saturday I visited DOMY Books, my local art/photography/design bookstore in Austin, and participated in an event called The Trading Tortoise. The Trading Tortoise is a traveling participatory art tour created and organized by Souther Salazar and Monica Choy.

  • Your Mom Is a Nerd

    Exactly one year and three days ago I did an art show with my buddy Todd Bratrud at Escapist in Kansas City and I wrote about the experience for this website that you're reading. Fast forward a year and I just did an art show with my buddy Travis Millard at Escapist in Kansas Cit…

  • An Interview with Travis Millard

    Next Friday my buddy Travis Millard and I are doing an art show in Kansas City at Escapist. I'm pretty sure next week's column will be about the trip/show, so I thought I'd preface that column with a quick interview with Travis.

  • I Finally Got an iPhone

    I finally got an iPhone a few weeks ago. Fairly positive I'm the last of my friends to get one. I think what sealed the deal was when I was out skating with some old bros and one of my unemployed/unemployable friends pulled his iPhone out of his pocket to Instagram some nonsense…

  • A Review of My New Skate Video, 'Second Hand Stoke' (by Me)

    It might be somewhat unorthodox—even frowned upon—to write a review of your own company's video. Or maybe the subject has never been broached, as I have a sneaking suspicion that numerous skateboard company owner's might not be able to read and write above a junior-high school le…

  • Beggars Can't Be Bitching

    I skipped writing this column last week because I was busy doing other stuff. What kind of other stuff? Oh, you know, just making a skateboard video kind of other stuff. We had a premiere for it at a real movie theater and everything.

  • Should Skateboarding Be in the Olympics?

    Modern vert and mega ramp are essentially gymnastics on wheels anyway, so why not include them? Oh yeah, that's right… because most pro skateboarders are on drugs.

  • Guided Tours of the Skate Spots in My Neighborhood

    As a freelancer, I spend a great deal of time scheming on ways to bring in more money to my household. One idea I had recently was to start giving guided tours of the skate spots in my neighborhood. Kids are always looking for new skate spots, right?

  • Trash Can Omelette

    A lot of times this column is easy to write. I go someplace, take a bunch of pictures, come home, make fun of the pictures, and then I'm done. But sometimes I go places, take pictures, come home, and realize that I don't have enough pictures to make fun of (to fulfill my minimum

  • I Missed My High School Reunion

    But I did find all of my IDs from Seguin High. I was a card-carrying member of the fanny pack/beret society.

  • Simpler Times

    In 1987 you could make the cover of 'Thrasher' just by bending down and grabbing your skateboard with both hands.

  • Skate It or Hang It?

    It's a tough question that was answered in Atlanta last weekend.

  • Respect Mom Butts

    Back when I was twelve, I would have punched your mom in the butt if you told me that one day I'd be included in a skateboard graphics retrospective with Jim Phillips.

  • I Get It, It's a Cat

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, super detailed monumental dinosaur sculpture wrinkles are going to be the next big thing with the kids.

  • Anarchy and Jesus Fish?

    Here's some musty dusty stuff I dug up at my parents' house over Memorial Day weekend that makes me get all teary and nostalgic.

  • The Weird Is Wearing Thin

    Anybody got a jam box I can borrow? And some Kleenex? (For tears, not for anything gross.)

  • You Never Know When Radical Is Going to Strike

    We went to a skatepark and some professional-level skateboarding happened with some amateur-level photography to accompany it.

  • This Looks Like a Good Place to Get Murdered

    If you like looking at scenic pictures of Texas, read/look at this. If not, get back on Facebook and make a clever comment about your friend's new hairdo/tattoo/sandwich.