• Notes on the New Harry Dean Stanton Documentary

    On Friday, I drove into Los Angeles to catch a showing of Partly Fiction, a new documentary about Harry Dean Stanton, and was reminded just how much audiences in LA love losing their shit over celebrities and celebrity culture.

  • Filming the Unfilmable

    The Turner Diaries is a white-supremacist screed written by neo-Nazi activist William Pierce back in the 1970s. It partially inspired a half-dozen real-life crime sprees, including the Oklahoma City bombing. Could it ever be adapted into Hollywood gold? Just because it’s a…

  • Coppola Gets Dickslapped

    In the early 80s, following the prolonged public drama of Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola decided to make a nice little romantic comedy. He sunk over $25 million into the project, declared bankruptcy after its release, and spent the next decade paying off the debts.

  • Where Are All the Films About Economic Apocalypse?

    So far, the films of the Great Recession have brought us the majestic biceps of Thor, the weaponized pecs of James Bond 6.0, and the beef Prometheus of Captain America. But let me direct your attention to Neal Israel's Americathon, an apocalyptic vision of 19…