• Artist Paul Knight Reveals Intimacy and Distance

    With two very different exhibitions at Melbourne’s Neon Parc and the Centre for Contemporary Photography we spoke with Knight about freeing the photograph, finding the immaterial, rendering physical and personal intimacy, and well, cum.

  • Dry Heat

    Photos by Amanda Charchian and styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos.

  • The Lost Babes of Transnistria

    Photographers Jeremy and Nicolas navigate through the streets of Transnistria's capital, Tiraspol, capturing the most fetching ladies to never grace the pages of your favorite streetstyle blog.

  • Fusiforms

    These photos are previously unpublished outtakes from Yumiko Utsu's "Out of Ark."

  • Trainhopping in Europe

    French traveling collective 4TH brave electrified tracks and nuclear power plants to bring hobo culture to Europe.

  • Jesus Days, 1978 - 1983

    Greg Reynolds was a closeted gay man involved in a huge evangelical Christian organization. These photos were shot during Bible studies, group prayers, and mission trips abroad.

  • Sebastian Meyer Founded Iraq's First Photo Agency

    Setting up a reliable source of local photojournalism in a country that has suffered from war and unrest for decades ain't easy.

  • Lenses and Limitations - An Interview with Pieter Hugo

    From Nigerian hyena men to Liberian boy scouts, photographer Pieter Hugo figures shit out as he goes along.

  • Bill Butterworth's Slime Square

    Times Square was way better when the Disney Store and Red Lobster were shooting galleries and brothels housing 300-pound whores.

  • Tits & Phones

    Photos of tits and phones by Richard Kern.

  • The Bartholomew Exhibition Makes the 90s Look Good

    And we thought it was all nü-metal and Columbine.

  • Danes Wrap Their Faces Up Tight

    Girls in Denmark need to protect their girlish features from the elements.

  • Now I Wanna Read Your DOG

    DOG zine creators Josh and Sara talked with us about naked girls and canine paraphernalia. And they showed us some images from their bare breast brandishing winter-inspired sophomore issue.

  • We Went to Putin's Victory Rally

    His supporters seemed a little too happy to see him cry.

  • Mongolia's Human Weirdness

    Massive skies, massive rocks, and Nazi nomads.

  • Photographic Moratorium - Backs of People's Heads

    It makes me feel a little awkward. And it makes you look like a creep.

  • Istanbul's Dale Farm

    I hung out with a bunch of gypsies in Istanbul as the government destroyed their homes to make way for yuppie condos.

  • Jack Webb Likes to Watch

    But it's totally cool, because he's a professional photographer. Come meet him tonight at a book signing in Los Angeles.

  • Plastic Plaza

    Ian Markell walks softly and carries a big camera.

  • Cassy and Sethesa

    I met two lovely transsexuals on Hollywood Boulevard and now we're BFFs.

  • Elena's Mom's Friends

    Are Siberian and not afraid to fog up the camera lens with their silky nighties.

  • Desk Fascists of the World Unite

    A bureaucrat is nothing without his or her desk.

  • Photographing the Children of Russia's Nouveau Riche

    They are young and they could probably have you killed.

  • All of My Friends Are Celebrities

    But none of them know my name (it's Rose Boy).

  • Occupy Wall Street Occupied Everything

    As you may have noticed, every significant area below 14th Street was occupied at some point yesterday.

  • The Powder

    "The Powder" is a new book curated and written by Jocko Weyland about a time when "skiing" was more than just a reference to cocaine or a dual handjob.

  • Terry Richardson's "Mom Dad" Opening

    Friday night's opening for Terry Richardson's new show "Mom Dad" at Half Gallery was packed with Terry fans who walked all over his childhood memories littered on the floor.

  • Showing Our Asses in Quintana Roo

    I went to Quintana Roo, Mexico for five days with four other humans and one self-proclaimed Mexican Sex Zombie.

  • Terry Richardson Took Some Pictures of His Mom, Too

    She looks like a very nice lady.

  • Beijing's Baby Bao Ans

    The adorable front line of civil order in China