• We Asked the Men of London How Often They Fake an Orgasm

    Because, according to a recent survey, 30 percent of male New Yorkers have at least once.

  • Would You Buy the Magazine That Funds Heroin Use?

    Last weekend, a new magazine appeared in Copenhagen. Illegal! is a quarterly publication about drugs, sold by drug addicts in order to fund their drug addiction. Two thirds of the total sale price (about $5) goes to the seller to spend on heroin. Would you buy the magazine…

  • Is It OK to Steal from Rich People?

    We were all brought up to understand that stealing is wrong. But is stealing really that wrong when the person you're taking stuff from has a tons of stuff left over? Like, would Kim Kardashian really notice if one of her lip glosses went missing? Or would Donald Trump notice if

  • When Is It OK to Kill?

    Yesterday, Ian Brady explained his murder of five children in the mid-60s as an "existentialist experience." Which seems like a big leap from reading Sartre's Nausea while staring out of windows, but I suppose that's how you get away with justifying murder when you're bats…

  • What Would You Get Tear Gassed for?

    "If they removed all the typefaces in the world except for Comic Sans."

  • What Conspiracy Theories Do You Believe?

    Meeting a non-shouty, socially adept conspiracy theorist in real life seems impossible. So we decided to take to the streets of London and ask the general public: What conspiracy theories do you believe in?

  • How Would You Like to Evolve?

    So chickens used to have dicks. Who knew? Thinking about all the chickens out there who relish the idea of having a dick, but have been shafted by evolution made me ask myself, "What kind of ways would I like to evolve?" I then got bored of imagining myself with oversized pinkies…

  • Is the Government Watching You?

    Everyone just learned that the National Security Agency can pretty much grab phone records of anyone it wants without a warrant. In all likelihood, that's just the tip of the surveillance-state iceberg. You are an open book as far as America's spy agencies are concerned—the quest…

  • What Do You Think About Critiquing Naked Women on TV?

    Last month saw the premiere of 'Blachman,' a new Danish TV show where a panel of men judge the bodies of naked women. That's literally the whole show. Just some men saying what they like and don't like about the bodies of naked women. Lots of people think the show is sexist, so I…

  • How Would You Feel if Your Mayor Smoked Crack?

    It's not totally surprising that famously erratic Toronto Mayor Rob Ford got filmed sucking a glass dick. But what would it be like if a more respected authority figure, like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, was found in similar cracked-out circumstances?

  • Would You Pleasure Yourself Orally if You Were Flexible Enough?

    "It would scare me too much."

  • What Do You Want Done to Your Body When You Die?

    When our lives draw to their inexorable close, we like to look back at what we've accomplished over the years. Some of us have amassed over 1,000 Twitter followers, others have been interviewed while drunk on television. Then there are those who've achieved nothing at all.

  • Hey UK, Are You Glad That Margaret Thatcher Is Dead?

    Britain's first female prime minister passed away this morning after a stroke, leaving a relatively mixed legacy behind. I wanted to see whether a mention of the Iron Lady still manages to provoke as visceral a response in death as it did when she was alive, so I had a walk aroun…

  • Do You Have Anything Incriminating on Your Phone or Computer?

    What would you do if someone got access to your phone? Because according to the internet, we're on the brink of a digital doomsday, where hackers are most definitely going to weasel their way into our technology and spread every dirty little secret they can find. So what do you h…

  • How Do You Feel About Combining Sex and Food?

    "I'm into it. Meat all the way. Bacon on tits. Then you cook it and eat it. The grease mixes with the sweat, and the fat and meat marble together, and it becomes arousing."

  • What Do You Do?

    For the final Question of the Day of New York Fashion Week, we ask a simpler question: What do you do? What is your job that requires you to hang around Manhattan for a week watching people in wacky clothes walk down runways?

  • Hey, Did You Hear the Pope Resigned?

    Pope Benedict XVI resigned on Monday, which seemed like an odd thing to do, considering a pope's resignation usually goes hand-in-hand with the day they stop breathing. We wondered whether anyone in London knew or cared about it.

  • What Do Your Shoes Say About Your Sex Life?

    We all judge people by their appearance, especially when it comes to potential naked buddies, which brings up a question: What's the best way to judge people's appearance? The easiest thing to do is look at the hair and the shoes, especially the shoes.

  • What Did You Eat Today?

    How do the waifs nourish themselves to withstand the dressing, undressing, strutting, and running around of New York Fashion Week? And what are the rest of us munching on to have the energy to crash all those parties and stare in silence at tons of clothes?

  • What Kind of Underwear Are You Wearing Right Now?

    You might have to do some awful job for eight hours a day, you may be forced to put on a stifling, corporatation-mandated uniform while doing it, but goddamn it, no one can stop you from wearing some freaky day-glo leopard jockstrap underneath.

  • Who Is the Worst Style Icon?

    Oh shit, it's New York Fashion Week again? Now all the coffee shops in New York are going to be overrun with buttholes in Saran Wrap outfits. I guess we might as well make the most of it and ask some of these people questions. Hey fashion folk, who's the world's worst style icon…

  • Would You Sleep with Your Drug Dealer?

    Sleeping with the dopeman seems like a good idea at first. He's got a job where makes a ton of money and he's a hit at parties and social gatherings. The down side is he doesn't know how to put a barrier between his home life and his work life.

  • What Did You Eat During the Super Bowl?

    There is an irony to watching the world's best athletes kill each other in mortal combat, while gorging on "snacks" and other things that probably shouldn't pass as food. With that in mind, what gross shit did you eat during the Super Bowl?

  • Would You Eat a Family Member to Survive?

    With stories of starving rural families killing and eating their own children to survive coming out of North Korea over the last couple of weeks, we began to argue over whether it was OK to eat your parents. To answer the question definitely, we asked a bunch of strange Brits.

  • What's the Worst Thing You've Ever Done to Your Mom?

    Our moms spent decades teaching us to shit in a toilet, comforting us when our bones or hearts got broken, and loving us even when we hurt them. For today's Question of the Day, we went out to ask strangers precisely how they had hurt their mothers.

  • Would You Date Your Dog?

    Humans make the worst romantic partners. They’ll cheat on you, they’ll lie to you, they’ll alternately not text for days and then text you at 4 AM, they’ll do that thing where they go, “I’m OK, really,” even when it’s obvious they’re pissed at you. Dogs, though, are Man's best fr…

  • Should Women Be Allowed to Fight on the Frontline?

    Women are great at washing up, looking after the kids, and doing the cooking for their hardworking husbands. We were wondered if it was worth ruining all that good stuff just so they could fight on the frontlines of war. For an answer, we asked a bunch of Brits.

  • Have You Ever Pooped Your Pants?

    Who hasn't pooped their pants or at least squeezed out a shart or two on the long road of life. Pooping yourself is kind of like losing your virginity or going to war, people who haven't done it just can't relate. We asked some New Yorkers about their experiences soiling their tr…

  • Have You Ever Pretended to Be Someone Else Online?

    As the Manti Te'o case has reminded us, people aren't what they appear to be online. How many 14-year-olds have learned about sex from dirty chatting on AIM with 28-year-old guys pretending to be 14-year-olds? We asked some strangers if they had ever engaged in acts of deception…

  • Should There Be a Separate Olympics for People Who Take Steroids?

    It turns out everyone in cycling dopes, so they're pretty much on a level playing field already, right? That got me thinking: What would happen if we stepped it up a notch? London, should there be a separate Olympics for people who take steroids?