• Home Town Heroes

    Everyone has a hometown story they wheel out to impress friends. That said, you can weird people out when you start talking about that time you had sex with a wine bottle on the beach. Here are a few stories about hometown pride.

  • A Very Messy Christmas

    So it's Christmas next week, which means most of you will be heading home to spend time with a couple of people you want to see and about nine people who are as fun as inflamed facial herpes on a first date. You know what helps in situations like that? Alcohol. Which is mostly wh…

  • There's Nothing More Damaging Than School

    Here are a few stories about horrible or funny things that happened to people at school, including menstrual finger-banging and biting little girls until they bleed.

  • A Party's Not a Party If You Don't Punch a Fish

    You've never been to a party that even comes close to a VICE party. But we thought we'd humor you anyway by asking you for your best party stories, writing them down, and drawing fun pictures to accompany them.

  • Caught in the Act

    Some stories about people being rumbled when they don't want to be rumbled.

  • Vacations Are Better Than Reality

    If you're lucky enough to be jetting off abroad any time soon, fuck you. We'll be stuck here trying to drink ourselves through the winter. For now, though, we thought we'd gather some vacation stories together in an attempt to live out some kind of interesting overseas experience…

  • Drugs Aren't Always That Much Fun

    It's Friday, so chances are you'll be ingesting some kind of narcotic within the next 72 hours. It's likely that you are going to have an awful experience that'll put you off drugs for the rest of your life or until next weekend. To bum you out, here are a few stories of when tha…

  • Urine for a Treat

    When was the last time you pissed yourself? Oh, when you were eight? Get real, friend; it was last weekend and we all know about it. Now that you're all ashamed, here are some stories about other people who pissed themselves to cheer you up.

  • Romance Isn't Dead, It's Just Getting Spit-Roasted in the Toilet

    In preparation for the weekend, we’ve compiled some of the darkest, seediest stories we could find to give you some inspiration on how to jam pack the next couple of days with experiences you're going to regret for the rest of your life.

  • Accidents Happen When You're an Idiot

    It's Friday night and time for a fight, if you're the kind of drunk idiot who finds joy in starting fights. If you're just a normal drunk idiot, then you'll probably end up hurting yourself in some way or another tonight anyway. Read these stories to give you some idea of what no…

  • Date Night Is Hate Night

    Going on a date tonight? Why not read these stories from our friends in the UK about terrible dates and explode with nervous energy to save yourself the inevitable horror, dismay, and depression?

  • If You Don't Mug Yourself, Someone Else Will

    To celebrate the last muggy day of yet another working week, here is a collection of stories about getting mugged from our friends in the UK.

  • When Shit Happens

    A collection of horror stories involving my friends and feces.

  • Bananas in Pajamas Scare the Shit Out of Me

    Interviews with bananaphobics.