• Todd Brendan Fahey and His Acid-Laden Writing Style

    In 1996, Todd wrote “acid novel” Wisdom’s Maw under the influence of 500-microgram doses of LSD-25. The novelist would drop as soon as his wife went to work and be back inside corporeality by the time she got home. I spent 36 years as an acid head, and it never occurred to me tha…

  • An Excerpt from 'New Orleans: The Underground Guide'

    Author Michael Patrick Welch is tired of people thinking of New Orleans as a bunch of brass bands and Mardi Gras parades—the city's music scene includes that stuff, but it's also a paradise of sludge metal and bounce rap.

  • Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain Just Dropped Their First Book Since 'Please Kill Me'

    Even if you haven't read Please Kill Me, you've seen its black-and-red ransom-note logo on even the most shallow of bookshelves. Legs and Gillian haven't put out a book together in 18 years, but last week they released Dear Nobody, a teenage chronicle of drug abuse,…

  • Here's an Excerpt from Bob Saget's New Book, 'Dirty Daddy'

    "When I’m 84 all I’m gonna do is have sex. Dirty sweaty veiny old-people sex. With the most beautiful, highest-tech machines on the market. That’s right, I got it all planned. It’ll be the year 2040, and I’ll have the hookup! I’ll be getting me some old-man techno pussssayyy!!"…

  • He Was Lucky She Found Him

    "Most of the time when I tried to kiss James he wouldn’t kiss me. I didn’t think it was because something was wrong with me. I didn’t think it was because he didn’t like me. He told me he liked to be withdrawn sometimes."

  • 'Praying Drunk' with Author Kyle Minor

    Kyle Minor's short-story collection Praying Drunk came out Friday. I had seen the very positive reviews, and I felt like staying in bed and reading. When I got to the end of the second story, I was bawling. Not sort of softly choked up, or tearing a little. I was really so…

  • Chuck Palahniuk Is Keeping Portland Strange

    I listened to the author of Fight Club wax poetic on Stumptown, "liminoid events," Occupy Wall Street, and his father's pornography.

  • We Talked to Author Akhil Sharma About His Upcoming Novel

    We have been trying to publish Akhil Sharma's work ever since reading his debut novel, An Obedient Father. I decided to give him a call so we could have a brief chat about his latest book, Family Life, which is being published in April.

  • Author Deborah Reed Sets Things on Fire

    I sat down with her to talk about her upbringing, how her pseudonym let her write thrillers without giving a shit, and why her latest novel, Things We Set on Fire, took 16 years to write.

  • Summer Camp

    It's still December, and The VICE Reader is still publishing poetry.

  • The Best Books and Non-Books of 2013

    Why you should Facebook stalk your new favorite writer and read more poetry in 2014.

  • There's Grass Somewhere, but I Don’t Know How to Find It

    This December, The VICE Reader is publishing some really amazing poetry. Deal with it.

  • What Your Favorite Writers Listen to When They Sweat

    I’ve often wondered what other writers do for exercise—and what music they listen to when they do. Does a topless Salman Rushdie orgasm-face his way through pull-ups, while listening to Drake? Does Don DeLillo own a running mix titled “Rise & Grind,” consisting of only chains hit…

  • Beyond the Call: A Memory of Lou Reed

    I met Lou Reed and his wife, Laurie Anderson, through a mutual friend. Over the last three years of his life, my girlfriend Vera and I got to spend a little time with them, dining together and going to the theater. It was a double pleasure for me and Vera, since in addition to be…

  • A Cool Magazine Is Having a Party for Cool People in Brooklyn Tomorrow

    Would you like to celebrate the release of Gigantic magazine's fifth issue? Duh. Of course you do, and so do we. The new issue, Gigantic Talk, looks real pretty and features a ton of great new fiction, art, and poetry, plus a pretty cool interactive feature. See you at the Silent…

  • 'Trainspotting' Author Irvine Welsh Doesn't Regret Choosing Life

    With an adaptation of his book, Filth, now out in UK theaters, the author of 90s classic, Trainspotting talks to us about the new movie, the politics of heroin abuse, and porno.

  • Now That Dave Eggers Has Been Accused of Plagiarism, We Finally Have Something in Common

    Authors accusing and being accused of plagiarism is nothing new, and to the world outside of publishing, it’s a minor scandal. There’s nothing Miley about a white nerd calling out another white nerd.

  • Aiding and Abetting

    I show the fugitive some hospitality. That's just the way it is with empty-nesters. We give strangers too much credit, or sometimes, not enough.

  • Russian Roller-Coaster

    They say: you made up the everywhere God or read it in books. But actually they think I’m an idiot and made it up so I could tell them about it. How clever. But how am I making it up when I take the phone and there’s God and he hears me?

  • Deep Thoughts on Jack Handey's Days Writing for 'SNL' and His New Novel, 'The Stench of Honolulu'

    Jack Handey—who is indeed a real person, despite common misconception—is best known for his series of hilarious faux aphorisms, Deep Thoughts. Handey is also the writer of many of SNL’s best sketches from the 80s and 90s. For the past decade, he has been a regular contrib…

  • Bret Easton Ellis Reviews Your Novel, Part One - 'Regard' by Pablo D'Stair

    The new movie The Canyons, written by Bret Easton Ellis, was partially funded through Kickstarter. By way of thanks, Ellis will be reviewing a select few of the donors' novels. Here we have the first of those reviews, of Pablo D'Stair's Regard.

  • We Were Having an Experience

    It’s rumored that a certain former president’s daughter is here, at the fair. When she appears with another young woman, we ignore the other woman and focus on her more famous companion’s face, hair, and clothes, as if to verify her identity and store it away for some future use…

  • What Your Favorite Writers Put in Their Mouths

    Writers tend to be mum on what they are currently at work on, but what about a different, but still intimate, aspect to their creative routines—like what they eat? I asked a boatload of writers what they are having, or had, for lunch, on a random day this year.

  • Marie Calloway on Her New Novel and Being Called "Jailbait"

    "I wondered if I should go into his apartment." That line opens Marie Calloway's debut novel, what purpose did i serve in your life. She does go in, and the following 240 pages are what happens next. Reviews and comments about Calloway’s novel nearly all mistake the narrat…

  • The Black Bear

    What began as a sunset walk to the convenience store with Dylan, who was craving vanilla-flavored coffee and Sugar Babies, evolved into hours of drinking wine product on the railroad tracks until Teddy got off work. Then we could all get serious about getting retarded.

  • An Excerpt from Tao Lin's 'Taipei'

    Paul’s father was 28 and Paul’s mother was 24 when they alone (out of a combined fifteen to twenty-five siblings) left Taiwan for America. Paul was born in Virginia six years later, in 1983, when his brother was 7. Paul was 3 when the family moved to Apopka, a pastoral suburb nea…

  • Sort by Kind

    The VICE Reader is a series in which we publish original fiction—mostly. We will also feature the occasional poem, essay, book review, diary entry, Graham Greene-style dream-diary entry, Zemblan fable, letter to the editor, letter to a fictional character, and anything else that…