• T. Kid the Cannabis Cup Judge

    This week I flew to Denver to make one of my biggest dreams a reality and judge the Cannabis Cup with the High Times OGs.

  • World Cannabis Week: World's Greatest Glass Pipe Artists Gather at the Galleria Glass Exhibition

    Major glass artists showcased their insane-looking, high-end pipes that have been selling for thousands of dollars thanks to the legalization movement.

  • World Cannabis Week: Big Marijuana Industry Show

    Whether they’re for weed or industrial adhesives, all trade shows are part business and part carnival.

  • Murphy the Heroic Dog

    After my pothead roommate started telling people dead dog jokes, I realized his sense of humor was less than universal.

  • Blazing at Work

    I love smoking weed, but blazing at work with my younger co-workers quickly taught me that getting stoned at work is a very bad idea.

  • T. Kid Gets Arrested

    Our Weediquette columnist has only been arrested once, and miraculously, it wasn't for smoking pot.

  • T. Kid's Favorite Sneakers

    Forget food, beer, or sex. The only thing I love more than my collection of blue low-top sneakers is weed.

  • T. Kid the Landlord

    My family never cared much for homeownership until my mom saw an opportunity to buy a cheap house on Camac Street in North Philadelphia. We made a deal that she would handle the down payment and I would live in the house and rent out the other rooms. This meant I was a landlord.

  • The Million-Dollar Mystery Glass Show

    Last week, I attended a glass show in Philly where rich white dudes spent thousands of dollars on bongs they considered works of art.

  • Sour Joe

    After Sour Joe and I smoked weed together during our freshmen orientation, we became best friends. For years, we spent every weekend together smoking pot in his row house apartment, but everything changed when I moved to New York City and Sour Joe turned into Oscar the Grouch.

  • The Pot-Free Punk Band

    Midway through high school, Chucky, the biggest bad ass I knew, invited me to join his punk band. I was super excited until I realized Chucky hated weed and his idea of punk rock was sitting on his couch watching reruns.

  • T. Kid's College Graduation

    Just before my senior year of college, it occurred to me that I might actually lose out pretty big in life if I didn’t graduate. I had spent much of the previous three years smoking blunts, taking hallucinogens, and wandering around Philadelphia with my homeboys, paying little at…

  • Reality Strikes a Cheerleader

    After college started, I lost contact with everyone from high school except for a couple of punks—at least until I ran into a cheerleader on the train, and she decided to apologize to me for bullying people throughout our teen years.

  • There's Something About Bill

    An aged punk with the tattoos and beer belly to prove it, Bill was an awesome guy. Living with him meant I got to spend my last year in Philly with one of the best guys I have ever known, while also solving a little mystery about Bill along the way.

  • Blazed-Out Moms

    A couple of weeks ago, I was crashing at my mom’s house while my aunt and her friend were visiting her. When I realized we had drank half our wine supply, I broke out my travel jar of weed and started rolling a joint. My aunt was eyeing the operation, and next thing I knew, I was…

  • Did Obama Just Screw Weed Legalization by Supporting It?

    If we’ve learned one thing about our president, it’s that conservatives find it easiest to irrationally rally against him on social issues like this one.

  • Why I'm Over Dabbing

    In itself, dabbing is a pretty innovative way of ingesting cannabis, and it gets you high as absolute fuck. I’m glad that it exists as an option, but its half-baked delivery systems make me think twice about making it a habit.

  • Blazing in the Woods

    This past Christmas, I unwittingly lit a joint in the first place I had ever smoked weed. A distinct memory didn't strike me when I lit up. As I crouched by the back door in my dad's garage, I was as scared about the garage door opening and my father catching me smoking as I was

  • T. Kid Goes to Denver

    I hate New Year’s Day. I always find a way to escape the typical festivities, and this year I had the perfect excuse—I wanted to be one of the first people to buy legal weed in America. In order to do so, I had to arrive at sunrise on January 1 at a dispensary in Denver called 3D…

  • Why Do You Want Weed to Be Legal?

    I have my reasons for wanting weed to be legal, but like many recreational smokers, I have definitely simplified them in my mind based on a personal preference. Yes, it would be awesome not to be hassled for smoking, but is that it? There’s got to be more to it. When it comes dow…

  • Where Are They Now?

    I know I suck at creating pseudonyms for people. Although the Weediquette characters may seem cartoonish, they're all real people. That said, there's a lot more to these awesome people than I show in my stories, so this week I’m updating you on a few of their lives.

  • T. Kid's Bad Luck Charm

    Maintaining a high school weed habit was a hassle exemplified by run-ins with the police. For years, the cops never arrested us—they were chasing us for fun—but this merry game of cat and mouse turned dark one summer when police found a dime bag in my wallet on the Fourth of July…

  • The Best Blazing Album Ever

    When I smoke, things that are less interesting become more interesting, and things that are already interesting become totally awesome. For this reason, it's probably not a coincidence that all of my favorite albums are ones I began listening to soon after I started blazing.

  • T. Kid the Rapper

    Over the past few weeks, I've listened to many classic hip-hop songs about weed. Feeling inspired, I decided to create a Weediquette rap about procrastination, wake and bake, and the guy who played the farmer in Babe.

  • Smoking on the Can

    Instead of hating myself for failing to quit smoking cigarettes, I took a comprehensive look at my smoking habits. I isolated my addiction down to three or four cigarette breaks a day and realized they all take place while I'm sitting on the toilet taking a crap.

  • Hans the Weed Snob

    We’ve all met a weed snob who takes all the fun out of a sesh by turning it into a platform for his one-upsmanship. Nobody likes this guy, but deep down we want him to acknowledge that we're real heads. Hans was the first weed snob I had ever met.

  • I Ruined a Tinder Date With Pot Cookies

    Time and time again, I’ve learned that dates do not get better when you introduce weed into the mix, but part of me still sees an unnecessary weed session as a litmus test for dates.

  • Getting High With a Teenager Who Shouldn't Smoke Weed

    During sophomore year of high school, my best friend's little brother was on lockdown because he was suspended for blazing at school. My best friend wanted me to help her brother stay sober, but when her brother offered to smoke me out, I couldn't reject his offer.

  • T. Kid's Amazing Bongs

    One perk of writing this column is getting free stuff from time to time. The best free items were the bongs that arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. As I placed my gorgeous new pipes on my shelf, I remembered some of the glass that came and went over the years.

  • Bol the Acid Tripper

    The first time Bold took acid, he had a bad trip. But by junior year of college, Bol was spending time with a group whose parties could best be described as hippy raves. Over the next few months, Bol underwent a transformation that left him in possession of many different rocks a…