• Pez Went into the Ocean and Never Came Back

    Trudging is tradition in Frisco, especially for the vandal lot. The city itself is barely 50 square miles, so naturally any graffiti writer worth his weight in Rust-Oleum flat has effortlessly loitered on every block.

  • Carnage Six Zine Release: The Very Best of NYC Graffiti

    Tonight, Carnage NYC is hosting an event for the release of their sixth zine installment. Comprised of 35mm photos from Fernando Lions' personal collection, Carnage 6 documents the state of NYC street bombing between 1998-2006.

  • Conceptual Vandalism with Sabe Kst

    We talked about the time he shattered both his ankles by jumping off a three-story building in DC, when he and KAZE bombed the Bowery Mural during the 2012 New York blackout, and how he got shot with an assault rifle over a writing beef.

  • Pixote: American Pixação

    PIXOTE is a graffiti writer based in New York City who employs pixação, a style that was birthed in Brazil's sprawling dilapidated metropolises and characterized by a simple typography that looks like a mixture of windings, nordic runes, and cave paintings.

  • Graffiti's 'Ikonik Figure'

    It's hard to ignore TRAP's incessant graffiti efforts over the past couple decades. We sat down with TRAP for his first-ever interview, which contains several historical highlights and details that have never been publicly addressed.