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Episode 6: The Party

Five young designers create the nightclub of the future.

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  • Episode 6: The Party

    In Episode 6, our designers get the chance to implement their ideas at the Club during Milan Design Week, where all the elements of the nightclub experience unite and create an epic party.

  • Episode 5: The Culture

    Our designers and experts explain that a club's space is only as good the people who fill it up.

  • Episode 4: The Elements

    In Episode 4, our designers and experts explain that good design only goes so far. Music, invitations, lighting... all these elements contribute to the overall club experience.

  • Episode 3: The Space

    In Episode 3, nightlife legends and empresarios discuss the role of space in clubs such as Studio 54, Westway, La Esquina, Electric Room, and Lot 61.

  • Episode 2: The Future of Nightlife

    What will nightclubs be like in the future? The Box's Serge Becker says, "No Cameras, no cell phones." That's fine with us.

  • Episode 1: Nightlife Design

    Five young designers from different disciplines come together to create their vision of the nightclub of the future.

  • Discotecture Trailer

    An original series by VICE featuring David Byrne, Andre Balazs, Peter Gatien, Kenny Scharf, Eric Goode, Michael Musto, Amy Sacco, Steve Lewis and other icons of New York nightlife.