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  • VICE News

    Ukraine: Defending the Homeland

    The Ukrainian government has announced the formation of the National Guard, after it was revealed that the Ukrainian army had only 6,000 combat-ready troops, compared with Russia's 200,000. This new volunteer force will bolster the under-staffed military, now that Crimea has been…

  • VICE News

    Hanging Out in Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's Mansion

    VICE News went along with thousands of curious Ukrainians to scope out and walk around Yanukovych's house—sort of like a kleptocrat version of Cribs.

  • Hotels in Kiev Are Being Turned into Morgues as the Death Toll Mounts

    The ceasefire in Kiev was well and truly broken this morning as blood was shed once more. The death toll keeps rising. It's been reported that at least 37 people have been killed—mainly from police gunshots.

  • Photographs from Rojava: Syria's Unknown War

    On the frontline of the battle between Kurdish fighters and jihadist rebels.

  • World Peace Update

    Compared to last week's French air strikes against Islamist rebels in Mali, this week—world violence-wise—has been a bit of a wash out. If it weren't for some pissed off Egyptians, Turks, and the never-ending slaughter in Syria, things would have been pretty peaceful indeed…

  • World Peace Update

    What with India and Pakistan risking a nuclear war by trading bullets all last week, it became obvious that the world would have no problem falling back into its comfort zone of terrorizing itself in the new year.

  • World Peace Update

    How exactly is the planet preparing for the rapture? Some people are buying tons of non-perishable food and hiding in underground bunkers. Others, however, are far too busy rioting at wheelchair basketball matches, brawling with their fellow members of parliament, or bombing refu…

  • World Peace Update

    Last week's World Peace Update looked at the riots engulfing Slovenia, the trigger-happy Tunisian policemen who tried to blind the citizens of Siliana, and the looming possibility of Bashar al-Assad gassing what remains of his population to death with nerve agents. But Christmas

  • An Interview with an Egyptian Street Fighter

    Egypt's political clusterfuck took another dark turn this week. Deadly clashes took place in the vicinity of the presidential palace, between mostly secularist protesters angry at President Morsi and his supporters in the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • World Peace Update

    This week's World Peace Update doesn't veer too far from its default distress curve on the bruised and bloodied axes of planetary suffering: some Slovenians got really angry with their government, a group of Tunisian protesters were blinded, and the Syrians were booted off the in…