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Chocolate - Part 1

This is my nerdy skateboard show. I don’t really care about dumb kids, posers, barneys, T-Dogs, jocks, cops, teachers, or parents. This show is for the bros and the dudes out there doing some skating.

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  • Chocolate

    Chocolate has always been an elite brand, so we jumped at the opportunity to do a "20 Years of Chocolate" episode. It gave us a chance to tap a lot of skaters that have never been featured on the show before, and its an honor just to ride in Chocolate's wake. Enjoy.

  • Keith Hufnagel

    Long before HUF, and before everyone and their grandma had a pair of weed socks, Keith was just a kid, busting his ass to get sponsored. To make this episode we sifted through a treasure trove of Hi8 and VHS tapes, including raw Keenan Milton and Gino Iannucci footage and an (alm…

  • Ed Templeton

    Ed Templeton has been a super-obvious choice for Epicly Later’d since the early days of the show. Maybe that’s why it took so long for us to do it.

  • Theotis Beasley

    In part one of Theotis Beasley's Epicly Later'd episode, we check out Theo's old stomping grounds in Inglewood, CA and recap his early skating days, from feeling like he had to hide his skills as a kid to a chance meeting with Andrew Reynolds.

  • Sean Malto

    In part one of the Sean Malto episode, we take a look at Sean’s beginnings as a skateboard wunderkind in Kansas City, trying to get sponsored, and ultimately landing a coveted spot on Girl.

  • Geoff Rowley - Bonus

    Pro skater Geoff Rowley took us on a tour of his biking/camping journey across America. In this bonus episode, he discusses his philosophies on nature and how to balance his psycho skate regimen with finding his chill zone.

  • Geoff Rowley

    For part one of the Geoff Rowley episode we checked out his hometown of Liverpool, England, and also went to London and Southbank to meet with some well known names in British skateboarding.

  • Geoff Rowley - Trailer

    Epicly Later'd returns with a new series, long in the works, chronicling Liverpool's Geoff Rowley. We basically kidnapped the pro-skater/outdoorsman/wild man, which resulted in an episode unlike anything the show has ever done.

  • Eric Dressen

    Eric has witnessed firsthand the rise and fall of skateboarding three times, and each time affected Eric in a different way. These days, Eric skates for Santa Cruz and tattoos full time at Will Rise in Hollywood. In part one of the series, we hear about an era in skating when mos…

  • Eric Dressen - Trailer

    When I first saw Eric Dressen I was a little star struck and kind of intimidated. He told me he liked my show and that the Anthony Pappalardo episode was his favorite. That tripped me out. My immediate reaction was "Do you want to do an episode?" He was down, and here we are.

  • Elissa Steamer

    We’re psyched to finally have a female pro skater on the show, and who better than Elissa Steamer, the first female pro skater ever. Two weeks ago we said we wouldn't make a huge deal about her being a lady and all, but it's hard not to. This episode's going to be great.

  • Elissa Steamer - Trailer

    We've wanted to do an Elissa episode for quite some time now, and finally all the planets have aligned to make it happen. Elissa first blew minds out of skull holes over a decade ago in Toy Machine's classic, 'Welcome to Hell.' Since then, she's done everything from winning shi…

  • Eric Koston

    Here it is, folks, the "Epicly Later'd" series on the man considered to be the greatest street skater of the modern era. Eric Koston is the standard by which all street skaters are judged.

  • Eric Koston - Trailer

    An inside look at the personal history of the best, and most guarded, street skater of all time.

  • Arto Saari

    Arto Saari's story is nothing short of miraculous. Obviously he's naturally gifted and skated his ass off as a kid, but his rise to prominence is like no one else's.

  • Arto Saari - Trailer

    Back like a bat out hell, Epicly Later'd kicks off its fifth year of production with Arto Saari. Arto's story has it all, from the skate-fairy tale beginning of his career to his awe-inspiring video parts and near death handrail experiences.

  • Bonus: Behind the Scenes in Photos

    A small sampling of the style of photos that inspired the people at VICE to ask Patrick to make a show out of his blog, Epicly Later'd.

  • Bonus: Jake Phelps

    Jake Phelps reminds me of the editor of the Daily Planet in Spider-Man. He just sits there and yells at people all day.

  • Bonus: Beagle

    This episode really embodies what this show is all about.

  • Bonus: 2007 Original Skate Footage

    This week's bonus episode features all the skate footage we shot for the first year of Epicly Later'd.

  • Bonus: Supreme

    This little bonus feature was filmed in late 2006, before the first Epicly Later'd even aired. The video features Javier Nunez leading Patrick on a tour of Supreme LA, all the while giving us insight into his idea of great customer service.

  • Bonus: Jacob Rosenberg

    Jacob Rosenberg was the main man behind the video camera for the first two Plan B videos, Questionable and Virtual Reality. He got his start helping out with H Street videos and the Blind video.

  • Bonus: Braydon Szafranski in NYC

    If this doesn't inspire you to get a satanic themed tattoo, we don't know what will.

  • Bonus: Bryan Herman's House

    This extra from the Epicly Later'd DVD showcases some of the unsafe aspects of pro skaters' home lives: guns, dirt bikes, and a post-car-accident forty to calm the nerves.

  • Menace

    A meet and greet with all of your urban skateboard heroes from the early 90s. Some of these guys have been serving eight-year bids in maximum-security prisons, while others are dedicated family men.

  • Trailer: Menace

    We're finally going to start putting out the Menace episodes.

  • Ricky Oyola

    In part one of the much-anticipated Ricky Oyola series, we finally hear the story behind his coveted Z Rollers and get to meet Ricky's Philly mentor, Roger Browne.

  • Brandon Westgate

    Patrick went up to Wareham and coaxed Brandon Westgate into talking about cranberry bogs, lawn mower parts, and dentists who trade Vicodins for BJs.

  • Brandon Westgate - Trailer

    Next Generation East Coast powerhouse. Three part series starting on Thursday May 12th.

  • Josh Kalis

    How it all got started in Grand Rapids.