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      Delicious with Mish Episode Ten: Featuring Mac DeMarco

      December 29, 2012

      Photo By: Lauren Ray

      If you have not heard of the Montreal crooner Mac DeMarco by now you have been living under a rock or in a ham sandwich or something. In this special episode of Delicious with Mish, my good pal Mac DeMarco and the love of his life, Sweet KiKi, join me back stage after his set to talk about love. While the Japandroids shook their dicks in the front of the house, we crammed in a staircase to talk about intimacy.

      Since landing his high school sweetheart Kiera a.k.a Sweet KiKi, Mac has been incorporating her into his stage show with make-out sessions, shoulder boosts, spit swaps and other signs of affection. It’s true love. In this special episode, Mac and his lady talk about the origins of their love affair, the first time they had sex (in Mac’s little brother’s bed), the day KiKi got “iced by some random punks," the first time Mac finger-banged her, and the previous boyfriend KiKi had before Mac stole her away. They reveal a lot of deep, dark secrets about their life between the sheets.

      Let’s get sexy.

      Track Listing:

      Mac DeMarco “My Kind of Woman”

      Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On”

      Prince “I Would Die For You”

      Thanks to Mac and KIKI for being on the show!



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