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      Pretty Sweet Tuesdays: Pretty Sweet Bonus Footage

      By VICE Staff

      November 14, 2012

      For the last and sweetest installment of Pretty Sweet Tuesdays we present to you a bit of bonus footage from the video. The video, of course, is called Pretty Sweet, and is due out this Friday, November 16. If you haven't been following our PST installments, we'll give you a few highlights. Will Arnett gave Mike Mo a pep talk; Raven Tershy and pals ripped the Diamond Bowl a new butthole; we hung out with Stevie Perez and his dad; talked to Sean Malto about making out with Australians; and watched a mini Malto's sponsor me tape. It's been a fun ride, and this video is the perfect conclusion. Oh yeah, we should also mention that this clip is just a taste of the nearly 50 minutes of bonus footage that will be included in the Pretty Sweet DVD and Blu Ray. Hats off to Aaron Meza on the edit. Enjoy.

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