Kate Carraway

twitter: @KateCarraway

Kate Carraway is from Toronto. She writes a weekly column called Obseshes for VICE.com, and a monthly one in the mag called Lil' Thinks. Follow her on Twitter @KateCarraway.

Articles by Kate Carraway

  • Lil' Thinks


    Everyone knows the moment or month or era when life happened, all at once, and established some set point of desire or values or best-ever happiness. Flash-flooded with detail, and then flash-frozen in time, it’s usually a quick, early thing: an especially rad summer, maybe, or a…

  • Lil' Thinks

    The Me Gaze

    Girls and women (it feels so corny to consider girls and women as these separate classes of experience, right?) have, more so than guys and to our great benefit, style and shopping as a means of expression and self-realization.

  • Lil' Thinks


    Falling asleep, I often find a convincing, semiconscious simulacrum of cozy peace by imagining a nonscientific, crayon-drawn version of a light field, and then focusing tighter and tighter on the black empty places in between the things.

  • The 2013 Girl Year in Review

    From Girls to “Grown Woman” (and more important stuff, too, but I’m here for the peppermint gum and sparkly pencils of girl stuff, OK?), 2013 was a big year for girls. Here is the girl year in review, along with some non-committal predictions for 2014.

  • Lil' Thinks


    If there is a single idea that can be borrowed from its original physics, or whatever context, and reapplied as an explanation for the ways in which people are shitty to each other, it’s that energy can’t be created or destroyed, only changed.

  • Lil' Thinks

    Twitter Selves

    Twitter, generally and probably temporarily, is uncomfortably easy. Like Sunday afternoons, like an unencumbered ego, anything at all can surge forward to fill the empty space, and everything will.

  • TV Party!

    Here are some select selections from the lineup of brand-new shows where the rubric for inclusion is about as sophisticated as “what I feel like” and, you know, what might turn out to be good.

  • Lil' Thinks

    The End of High-Low

    By now, to say that highbrow and lowbrow—or high culture and low culture—form a false dichotomy is pretty, you know, obvs. Maybe we’ve felt it to be true for a while, that the idea of high and low as discrete and opposed units of whatever—of product or content or idea—was dumb; m…

  • Lil' Thinks


    Friendship is a constantly self-renewing frontier of human relationships, a Wild West of emotional and temporal adventure times. The stuff of great friendships applies to kindergarteners sharing a snack as much as it does to Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks watching movies together aft…

  • Obseshes

    Punk and Me: A Dissociation Love Story

    There was a year of high school where I basically only listened to the Velvet Underground, and so it went from there. My primary bands are hardcore: Black Flag, Minor Threat, and the Adolescents. I also like X and Social Distortion and Bad Brains and some Fugazi and the Germs. Bu…