Luke Winkie

Luke Winkie used to make pizzas in San Diego. He now freelances while studying Journalism and History at the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to contributing to VICE and Noisey, he's associated with Salon, Paste, LA Weekly, the Austin Chronicle, and other publications.

Articles by Luke Winkie

  • Austin's Music Scene Should Get Less Hetero

    Am I saying that your average rock club here would refuse to book a gay artist? Absolutely not. Would it be cool if every couple of weeks some of the dozens of venues in Austin would take it upon themselves to exclusively feature and lift up our LGBT musicians? I think so.

  • Generation GTA

    I grew up with Grand Theft Auto games. I hid them from my parents as activists denounced their violence and amorality, I drooled over the GTA V previews, and I couldn't be happier that the conservative critics have appeared to finally shut up.

  • Who REALLY is "Mr Brightside"?

    In December, "Mr. Brightside" will turn ten years old. Who, exactly, is Mr. Brightside? It's a mystery that's permeated all the way through the Obama administration. So in honor of the song's tenth anniversary, I decided to make a few guesses to reveal the identity of Mr. Brights…

  • How Awful Are the Free Porn Games on the Internet?

    Unsurprisingly, the internet is filled with recreations targeted at men who want to masturbate while gaming at the same time. But why are most of them trivia contests or repetitive JRPG-inspired slogs? And why are all the women they feature terrifying?

  • Are Visual Novels Just Porny, Boring Video Games?

    Visual novels are like choose-your-own-adventure books that you play on your computer, if choose-your-own adventures ended not in the Gypsy woman’s curse coming true, but in graphic, porny sex scenes. They can be gay themed or set in a lusty fantasy world; they can be sweet and r…

  • I Want to Remember Ray Lewis As a Crazy Person

    Ray Lewis, the longtime defensive stalwart/crazy person of the Baltimore Ravens, might be playing in his final game on Sunday. Professional football commentators tend to spew a lot of irrelevant filler about “heart” and “soul,” but for Lewis, all of that hyperbole was accurate. I…

  • My Sunday with The Disintegration Loops and the NFL

    If you’re not familiar with 'The Disintegration Loops,' it’s this minimalist ambient project that came out in the early 2000s. If you’re not familiar with professional football, it’s a sport/entertainment event where large men hit each other and everybody yells. This weekend, I c…

  • Hey Internet, How Should Football Change?

    Just for fun, I recently went on 4chan’s sports forum and asked what they would change about the NFL—the thread is long dead, but here are the five most radical, compelling, and totally unrealistic suggestions that came back to me.