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  • Dear Children's Place, I'm Sorry

    I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to The Children's Place for designing one of their graphics a few seasons before they released it to the world. I'm really sorry, y'all. If I'd known that you were going to be using the same exact concept I totally would have come up…

  • Kill the Engine

    My Friend Is a Poet and I Didn't Even Know It

    A few months ago my buddy Dan Boehl handed me a novel for young adults that he'd written titled 'Naomi and the Horse Flavored T-Shirt.' After reading it, I checked out his website and realized that he has three additional books of poetry in print, is in the process of writing a n…

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    I Finally Watched Street Dreams

    Last week I reviewed a craphole of a movie called 'Hardflip.' As I mentioned in that review, I'll pretty much watch any film that has skateboarding in it, so this week I decided to watch 'Street Dreams.' I had assumed that this might be the worst film in the boarding genre, but s…

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    I Finally Watched 'Hardflip'

    I will watch any movie that has something to do with skateboarding. They're all terrible, but the 80s kid in me still thinks there's something cool about watching a flick that has dudes thrashin' in it. That being said, this Sunday I sat down to watch what I assumed would be the

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    I Wonder If Natas Still Skates

    A few months ago a new hip was built at a ditch right down the street from my house. I drive by it every day and think to myself, "I should go check that out and see if it's skateable." Well this past Saturday I finally walked down the street to check it out. What follows is how

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    My Ten Favorite Things in the Local Skate Shop

    There's nothing like a tail-sparking slap to the face to remind you that a skate shop is essentially a very sarcastic and opinionated toy store.

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    Ten Things That Happened in Skateboarding in 2012

    I thought I'd close out 2012 with a list of things that happened in skateboarding this year. I don't consider myself an expert and certainly don't keep up with the staggering skate video output the internet has beseeched us with, so don't consider this a list of the best moments

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    All I Want for Christmas

    Truth be told, I want absolutely nothing for Christmas. I'd actually like to get rid of some crap in my life Vs. acquiring more stuff, but for the sake of this column I came up with a list of things I'd like for Christmas. Or for the holidays. Or whatever they're calling it these…

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    Remember Zulu's?

    You might be asking yourself, "Why did two grown men spend their Sunday afternoon in a drainage ditch?" Valid question. Answer: Because we were trying to film some tricks for an upcoming Roger Skateboards video offering.

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    Hashtag Gum Soles

    Yesterday I totally shredded some ditches with two of my all time favorite dudes, the multigenerational Parsons Crew. Mike P. is pretty much a folk hero amongst older Austin skate nerds. Legendary for jumping in head first without checking the water in terms of skate safety.