• If You Stick Things In Your Pee Hole, Awful Things Will Happen

    Male readers of the internet crossed their legs and let out a unified grimace of pain yesterday when a story made the rounds about a 70-year-old Australian man who got a fork lodged in his dong.

  • The Best Online Sex Ads Posted from Military Bases in Afghanistan

    Despite the fact that military bases are often featured prominently in gay porn, I don’t imagine there is a whole lot of sex happening at them, IRL. Getting laid while on duty requires discretion, and propositioning the people you work with is about as sneaky as a Panzer. So you…

  • Don't Celebrate the Gay Marriage Victory with a Wedding of Your Own

    To all my homosexual brothers and sisters: I am cheering with you today. But just because we can get married, doesn't mean that we should. Gay culture is new to legal recognition, so, like our first time getting drunk at a high school party, maybe we should all take…

  • At the World’s Gayest Party – Life Ball 2013

    Every year, the Life Ball packs a plane full of singers, drag queens, dancers, club promoters, press, DJs, and various hangers-on from New York nightlife's queerer corners and ships them over to the home of Mozart for the amusement of the Austrians and to raise money to eradicate…

  • How to Hone Your Gaydar to Perfection

    These days with more and more social circles becoming sexually diverse, how can you tell if the guy swinging a glow stick next to you at some Bushwick "rave" is looking to put his pole in a hole or looking for another pole to pole all over his face?

  • Guys, It's Time to Stop Shaving Your Junk

    There is nothing more disappointing than taking a new guy home for the first time and ripping his clothes off, only to find that he has "manscaped" himself to look like some sort of dude-shaped topiary.

  • That Time I Got in a Fight With a Male Stripper

    Driving out past the palm-lined strip malls and blinking neon motels, I knew that Swinging Richards was going to be the kind of place where you find trouble. After all, this place is far on the outskirts of Miami, near 174th Street with all the other titty bars where face-eating

  • Are You a Slut?

    If you're taking this quiz then you probably already know the answer. Still, why not give your suspicions some validity?

  • Why Are All These Gays Taking Grindr Photos at a Holocaust Memorial?

    Grindr Remembers is a website devoted to cataloging all of the Grindr profile pictures taken at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. When the internet realized this site existed a few days ago it exploded with rage, so I contacted the site's creators to see what…

  • How to Suck an Uncut Cock

    There comes a moment in every American cocksucker’s (and I use that term as an honorific) life when he/she pulls down a pair of trousers and is met not with a well-shorn sailor, but a hooded monk. Yes, I'm talking about the rare occasion (in America and Israel, at least) when you…

  • How to Get Laid at the Gym

    Most guys approach the gym like Clint Eastwood walking into a shootout: they want to be alone, they want to be very serious, and they'll kill anyone who comes near them. That is the exact opposite of the attitude you need if you want to score some gym-toned ass.

  • Hey Straight People, You're Using Sex Drugs Wrong

    The continued acceptance of homosexual men and lesbians by mainstream America means that some of the wonderful things that were kept in the darker nooks and crannies of the gay world are now seeing the light of day and, like most awesome things that gay people started, straight p…

  • What Your Underwear Says About You

    Congratulations, you have convinced some poor fool to come back to your house from a bar/party/awkward OKCupid date and tricked them into thinking it's a good idea to have sex with you. While we all know dick size is really the only thing that matters, first impressions are prett…

  • My Very Gay Night at Very Straight Strip Clubs

    I'm about as gay as Cristiano Ronaldo's underwear drawer, so the sultry photos plastered outside of New York’s mega strip club, FlashDancers, have never really interested me. Recently, though, I got to thinking, and as a man who loves sex, sex workers, the Platonic company of oth…

  • The Trials and Tribulations of the Fake Hymen

    My boyfriend did not want to break my hymen. There is probably a certain sect of men who get off on popping cherries like they're a row of bubble wrap blisters, but I’m not a girl and this wasn't my first time.

  • How to Quit Porn and Not Entirely Ruin Your Life

    There I was, lying in bed ass-naked at 1 AM on a Tuesday night with my eyes closed pulling on my limp dick like a bird trying to get a worm out of the frozen ground. This is what jerking off had become for me: fiddling around with a mushy penis like I was searching for a prize at…