• Colorado’s Edible Marijuana Civil War

    For potheads the world over, Colorado is a beacon of freedom. But local legalization advocates are butting heads with those concerned about kids accidentally consuming edible pot.

  • How Two Convicted Criminals Got Philadelphia to Decriminalize Weed

    It took two years, but a pair of pro-marijuana agitators who are on probation for leading hundreds of potheads in protest against weed laws forced a stubborn mayor to change his mind.

  • Stoned At the Doctor's Office

    Everyone has a story about the first time they ever smoked weed, and it usually sucks. The better story is the one about the first time you got really, really high.

  • Working at Home Is Great

    If waking up at 11 and typing in bed until 5 in the afternoon is a recipe for crazy, then I’m completely out of my fucking mind. It’s the only way I can live.

  • The Weed Industry Luncheon

    It didn’t occur to me that New York made any progress on medical marijuana until I attended a cannabis industry luncheon in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago.

  • Don't Smoke Out Your Neighbors

    I smoked out my friend's neighbor, and then the neighbor made me call the cops because he was hallucinating that he was a victim of a home invasion.

  • It's Always Best to Keep Your Mouth Shut

    Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s generally best to keep your mouth shut in a sticky situation. It took me a few run-ins with the police in my teenage years to figure this out.

  • T-Kid's High School Reunion

    I hadn’t planned on returning to my hometown, but part of me just wanted to burn one with the old crew and gawk at the people from my high school—people whom I would probably never see again reliving their bleak, suburban glory days.

  • T. Kid's Big Haircut

    After years of old white people staring at my weird haircut, I finally decided to chop off my long hair.

  • T Kid on Legalization

    America is slowly moving towards legalizing weed, but we still have four major hurdles to overcome.

  • Todd the Ex-Cop

    In honor of Philly's city council voting to decriminalize weed, here's a story about a police officer who loves weed.

  • Getting Rid of a Joint at a Wedding

    I don’t usually tell other guys' stories on Weediquette, but my buddy Dev recently told me a tale about a weed disaster he had at a wedding that I have to share.

  • T. Kid on Tobacco

    As Americans move towards acceptance of weed, they are building an intolerance for my second favorite thing to smoke: tobacco.

  • Illiterate John

    John and I smoked weed together every day, but I didn't know he was illiterate until we both worked as summer canvassers for a shitty nonprofit environmental organization.

  • Driving and Blazing

    Blazing and driving is one of the world's greatest pleasures, but I have to avoid a million obstacles to avoid getting caught.

  • Bas the Reggae-Cover DJ

    I love people who create moments of ingenious idiocy that simultaneously blow your mind and lower your brain-cell count. And by “people,” I mean dumb stoners, like my friend Bas the reggae-cover DJ.

  • T. Kid the Comic Book Character

    This week’s Weediquette is a special treat from the talented artist and musician Steve Teare, who turned a Weediquette story into a comic.

  • T. Kid Quits Weed

    I’ve always championed weed for its lack of addictive qualities, and yet had never demonstrated this in almost a decade. The only way to know my dependency on weed was to go a place where I would find absolutely none of it.

  • Haroon the Lightweight

    I'm extra careful when I smoke weed with newbies, but I wasn't always this cautious. The first time I got a newbie high, I thought he was going to die.

  • T. Kid the Cannabis Cup Judge

    This week I flew to Denver to make one of my biggest dreams a reality and judge the Cannabis Cup with the High Times OGs.

  • World Cannabis Week: World's Greatest Glass Pipe Artists Gather at the Galleria Glass Exhibition

    At the Galleria Glass Exhibition, an event at World Cannabis Week, major glass artists showcased their insane-looking, high-end pipes that have been selling for thousands of dollars thanks to the legalization movement.

  • World Cannabis Week: Big Marijuana Industry Show

    Whether they’re for weed or industrial adhesives, all trade shows are part business and part carnival.

  • Murphy the Heroic Dog

    After my pothead roommate started telling people dead dog jokes, I realized his sense of humor was less than universal.

  • Blazing at Work

    I love smoking weed, but blazing at work with my younger coworkers quickly taught me that getting stoned at work is a very bad idea.

  • T. Kid Gets Arrested

    Our Weediquette columnist has only been arrested once, and miraculously, it wasn't for smoking pot.

  • T. Kid's Favorite Sneakers

    Forget food, beer, or sex. The only thing I love more than my collection of blue low-top sneakers is weed.

  • T. Kid the Landlord

    My family never cared much for homeownership until my mom saw an opportunity to buy a cheap house on Camac Street in North Philadelphia. We made a deal that she would handle the down payment and I would live in the house and rent out the other rooms. This meant I was a landlord.

  • The Million-Dollar Mystery Glass Show

    Last week, I attended a glass show in Philly where rich white dudes spent thousands of dollars on bongs they considered works of art.

  • Sour Joe

    After Sour Joe and I smoked weed together during our freshmen orientation, we became best friends. For years, we spent every weekend together smoking pot in his row house apartment, but everything changed when I moved to New York City and Sour Joe turned into Oscar the Grouch.

  • The Pot-Free Punk Band

    Midway through high school, Chucky, the biggest bad ass I knew, invited me to join his punk band. I was super excited until I realized Chucky hated weed and his idea of punk rock was sitting on his couch watching reruns.