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      What's Wrong with Eating Horses?

      By VICE Staff

      January 17, 2013
      From the column 'Question of the Day'

      If you're reading this, that means you have the internet, which means you've probably seen the BBC story about UK supermarkets Tesco, Iceland, Lidl, and Aldi using horse meat in their burgers, and the outrage and barrage of memes that followed. The thing is, who the fuck cares? Any burger you buy in a supermarket is basically just minced offcuts and gristle anyway. Fine, it's got horse in it and that's weird because horses are weird, like an ugly dog/giraffe hybrid, but are you really telling me you can taste the difference?

      We wanted to see whether the public really care, or if papers and websites have been fabricating outraged quotes because they read better than, "I'm not too mad, to be honest." So we went and hassled some strangers in London with a question: What's wrong about eating horses?   

      Andy, graphic designer: I think it should at least be what's advertised, for a start.

      OK. So, say they advertise it as "delicious horse meat." Would you try it then?
      Well, I wouldn’t buy it, no. But only because I’ve already tried it and didn’t like it very much. I didn't like it very much at all.

      Oh, so you're not opposed to it? What about cats and dogs?
      I think it’s a cultural preference.

      Fair enough.

      Derek, student: I think if they include horse meat in their burgers, they should label it.

      Right. And if they labelled it, would you eat it?
      Probably not, no.

      What’s your favorite meat?
      Beef, definitely.

      Do you want to eat any other unconventional animals? Have you ever looked at an animal and thought, God damn, that looks tasty?
      No. That's not really the way I look at animals, to be honest. I'm not a weirdo.

      George, office worker (left) and an unnamed vegetarian.

      George: Apparently it’s got a lot of protein, so that’s a plus. 

      So horse meat is a bonus?
      Not really, no. I'd rather know what was going into my burger, you know? Maybe if I knew I'd be fine with it. Hell, maybe I'd even order one for a laugh. But not knowing what I'm eating weirds me out a bit.

      What about cats? Would you eat a cat?
      Unnamed vegetarian:
      Oh my god.
      George: No, I don’t think it’s ethical to eat cats. We don’t eat rats and dogs, do we? But horses are part of this country, so it’s OK.

      That doesn't really make any sense.

      Sam, AKA DJ Wire: Apparently it’s safe, so it’s all good if you ask me.

      So you'd be fine with eating it?
      Yeah, man. If it’s tasty and not life-threatening then I’d eat it. Of course I would. 

      Apparently it's a staple meat in the Czech Republic. Would you eat it there?
      Yeah, well, like, they eat kangaroo in Australia, so I’d eat horse on vacation. I don't see a problem with a bit of horse on my vacation.

      Are there any other animals you'd eat on a vacation?
      Yeah, I bet a hamster would make a good snack. Pocket-sized and easy, you know?

      Very true.

      Christina, art student: Nothing's wrong about that. Eat whatever you want to eat.

      What if you don't know that you're eating horse?
      Look, I don’t really care about people who eat meat, to be honest. They don't mean anything to me.

      Oh, you’re a vegetarian! Do you think meat eaters should stick to cow, or are they free to eat whatever they want?
      You can eat jellyfish for all I care.

      No thanks.

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