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      Lee Fields Has a New Music Video Y’all!

      By Ellis Jones


      September 27, 2012

      Six months ago I had the great pleasure of interviewing Lee Fields in person for VICE.com. Somehow I managed to keep my shit together and not totally fan out on him, only shyly asking for a picture right before he walked away. Fast forward to today: It’s Thursday and I’m at work day dreaming about being on a beach wearing white linen while drinking a frozen margarita and holding hands with Tim Riggins (shirtless, obviously). We’re on our honeymoon and having a leisurely afternoon… Shit. Now my boss comes by my desk and I have to act like I’m checking my email. But, oh hey, there’s a fun, non-work-related message in my inbox: Danny from Truth & Soul Records is letting me know that Lee has a brand new music video out for his song “Faithful Man.” SWEET.

      You should just watch the video yourself, but here’s a breakdown of what it contains: super hot girls slithering around in black leotards, dark red lighting, booze, Lee in a sparkling white jacket, a piano, and lots of emotions/heartache/crying. It’s great.

      The video for this single is from Lee Fields & The Expressions album Faithful Man, out now on Truth & Soul Records. You can buy the single by clicking HERE.

      And if you are lucky enough to be in any of these cities in October, you can catch Lee Fields & The Expressions perform.

      October 2- Boston, Brighton Music Hall 

      October 3- Montreal, Quebec - Cabare 

      October 4- Ottawa, Ontario - Ritual 

      October 5- Toronto, Ontario - Opera House 

      October 6- Hamilton, Ontario - This Ain't Hollywood 

      October 14- Marfa, Texas 

      October 15- Austin City Limit

      Photo by Danilo Parra


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