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      Prince Innocence - "To My Right" (Noisey Premiere)

      By VICE Canada

      October 30, 2012

      Toronto and Montreal's synth-pop gloomy glam duo Prince Innocence finally got around to putting their first video out. It was directed by one of our VICE Canada directors, too. His name is Albert Huh. Anyhoo, the video is basically about being gloomy, going to karaoke parties, wearing cool fashion clothes, playing Duck Hunt, roller-skating, and text messaging with T9 on a flip phone.

      Take a few minutes to get lost in it before you go back to your un-glam, un-gloomy, un-fashiony lifestyle.

      Watch the video over at Noisey.

      Topics: Prince, innocence, synth, pop, albert, huh, Canada, roller, skates, NES, not, super


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