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      What's Corrupting the Youth of Today?

      December 3, 2012
      From the column 'Question of the Day'

      Clearly kids today are no good. Just wander the streets of any major city and you’ll see teens and tweens and whatnot using incomprehensible slang and disturbing the peace. “Rap music!” the kids of today are yelling. “Sext on an iPod! One Direction!” They gyrate their supple, youthful hips in horrible ways and tattoo one another with swears and logos of their favorite corporations. Clearly, they have no moral fiber. But what has caused this decline? What is it that's making young people so awufl?

      Awkword: Thats a good question. Young people?

      Yeah, like why are kids so shitty?
      I don’t think it’s that kids are shitty. I think it’s hard growing up in this society. The news perpetuates bad stereotypes about certain people, and there’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that goes along with that.

      Is there anything else?
      I think that movies and music perpetuate negative stereotypes, too.

      What kind of music?
      I don’t want to name any specific rappers. When I tell people I’m a rapper, they think I’m a homophobic misogynist, and I’m not. I rap about sociopolitical problems.

      Lee: Probably people like me advertising Jack Daniel's on their shirts. Kids might see that and want a drink.

      So you’re the reason for all these morally corrupt kids?
      Nah, I was just kidding. I think it’s all about the upbringing. If a kid has a good upbringing, they’re gonna be good people.

      Joe (right): I have no idea.

      You’re giving me nothing.
      You have to ask an adult this question. I haven’t grown up yet.

      But you have a beard.
      That doesn’t mean a thing. I’m still just a little kid. Go find a grown up. 

      Erika (left): Video games, movies, and TV.
      Shannon: Video games.

      How are video games destroying kids?
      Shannon: I used to go outside and play when I was a kid. Now the kids I babysit stare at a TV all day playing video games.

      Do you hate Grand Theft Auto?
      Shannon: Yes! The kids love all those fake guns. It encourages violence.

      Sahara: I think it’s the society we live in.

      Do you think kids have it harder now?
      In a way, yes.

      Nobody cares about anybody. It’s everyone for themselves and everyone is rushing everywhere all of the time. Kids have to watch over themselves now more than ever, and some kids are better at it that than others.

      Tiffany: It’s all about parenting. You need to be a good parent if you want your kids to have good morals.

      What is bad parenting?
      Using violence. My ex-husband, fucking bastard, used to beat the shit out of me. He hit my kid once and I came after him with a baseball bat. He died in his sleep of a heart attack, and you know what?

      I’m happy. I’m so happy he’s dead. He should’ve died a long time ago if you want to ask me about it.

      Do you think parents these days aren’t as competent?
      Absolutely. I saw on the news some elementary school teacher made all the students slap the class bully right in the face, and to be honest, I thought she did the right thing. Bullies need to be taught a lesson.

      Where are your kids?
      I had a miscarriage with one, I’m pregnant now with another and my other three went to college and I think they forgot about me.

      George: It’s technology.

      What about it?
      These kids, they’re never alone. On the subway, I see them go to sit down and they don’t just sit there. They have to take out an iPad or a phone or some music.

      Do you think kids would have better morals if they had some alone time?
      Now, I don’t know about that. I’m just observing, some kids would rather sit on the Facebook with their hundreds of friends, than sit at their own kitchen table with their family. People are scared their kids will turn out wrong if you let them go to a party, but that’s the last thing they should be worrying about. 

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