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      Thursday Friday Takes Fantastic Photos of Rappers and Girls

      January 18, 2013

      Thursday Friday is a Toronto based photographer who, by virtue of being a mind-bogglingly persuasive and charismatic person, is easily able to capture people in their most comfortable states. To give you an example of his mastery in the dark arts of social sorcery, he once convinced Urban Outfitters to release a teenaged shoplifter by pretending to be the kid's dad. Having that kind of person behind the camera is a great formula for producing some excellent images, and since Thursday is such a social butterfly, I haven’t met a single creative person in Toronto who hasn’t had some kind of hilarious or strange encounter with him. As a result, he’s photographed a wide range of personalities and characters. Plus, you would be hard-pressed to attend a rap show in Toronto without seeing Thursday on stage yelling at you, as he has somehow become the city’s defacto hype-man. So anyway, you should go ahead and enjoy these photos, because we surely do.

      You can check out more of Thursday Friday's photography on his Tumblr and/or follow him on Twitter: @thursday_friday

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