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      We Really Love Miller Rodriguez aka Pretty Puke's Photos

      March 7, 2013

      At first glace, one might instantly shrug Miller Rodriguez off as being another child of the internet who takes pictures of his weird friends in various stages of undress while simultaneously crushing the slang game. He's simply been ahead-of-the-curve for so long that it's hard to see which way he's coming and/or going. Miller, aka Pretty Puke, found a way to turn memes and Tumblr-trends into photographs that actually make sense, oftentimes contradicting their nonsensical origin.

      His scattered collection of images seamlessly blend the better part of contemporary rap vernacular with gratuitous nudity, too many jokes, and a handful of famous faces to even it all out. Ever the overachiever, Rodriguez shoots more photographs than you can look at in a daycombined with the periodic 'absolute delete' of his internet presence—and you simply cannot knock his work ethic.

      Whether it's releasing four records a year as Mickey Mouse Rourke or his photographic onslaught of debaucherous masked muses, Miller is great at pushing the "internet everyday" into something valuable and rare.

      For someone who claims to have no idea what he's doing behind a camera, he's done quite the good job of convincing us otherwise.

      Check out Miller Rodriguez's site Pretty Puke for more of his work, or grab one of his zines from Blood of the Young.

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