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      We Spoke to Joe Budden about Reality T.V. and MDMA

      January 18, 2013

      When I found out that Jim Jones was going to be on Love and Hip Hop, it seemed a little sad in the way that you get a little sad when a sitcom you sort of like jumps the shark, even though I loved every moment of Jimmy fighting with his fiancée. All of that sadness, brought on by trashy entertainment, came together pleasantly in cyclical rap geek fashion when I realized that Jim Jones’ wife is probably the same “Crissy” that Jay-Z called out on The Black Album in “Allure.”

      Anyway, when I found out that Joe Budden was going to be on Love and Hip Hop (and sorry for opening up my interview with you, Joe, to make fun of another rapper) it didn’t seem sad at all. Not only was he the first, currently relevant rapper to be on the show (pack it up, Benzino!) Joe Budden has been making YouTube videos and tweeting all sorts of wild shit about his romantic escapades for years now. Plus, his new single with Tank and Lil’ Wayne is pretty great! So, I’m excited for the new album and I had a great chat with Mr. Budden about his new reality TV lifestyle, MDMA, rap producers with formulas, and some other things.

      NOISEY: So, Love and Hip Hop... This is your first reality T.V. experience, right? What's the most annoying part of being part of a production like that?
      Most annoying part... You know, you go through different moods and that’s a natural thing. Sometimes you don't want a camera in your face. But outside of that I haven't had any problems with the project. It's all been pretty cool.

      Do you just get used to being filmed that much?
      Yeah, well I've had a record deal for a long time so I'm kinda used to the cameras and the people, I'm used to dealing with peoples’ opinions. For some other cast members, it may be a little traumatizing because they come from a different experience, but for me it's the life I chose.

      Yeah. Most rappers live in the public eye, to a certain extent, but you seem to have your personal relationships constantly discussed publicly, even before this show. Is that a conscious choice to share your life with the rest of the world? Is there a reason that you have the spotlight on that part your life so frequently?
      There's no one aspect of my life that is more hidden than others. I mean, everything is pretty much an open book in every regard: relationships, personal, business, music, family, problems, demons, everything is well documented.

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