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Turkey's Border War - Part 3

What all's going on out there.

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  • The VICE Guide to Congo

    The Vice Guide to Congo begins in the capital city of Kinshasa, where Vice founder Suroosh Alvi starts to wrap his head around the chaos and complexity of conflict minerals and the rebels who love them.

  • The Rebels of Libya

    Vice founder Shane Smith crosses into rebel-controlled eastern Libya.

  • Egypt's Second Revolution

    The young Egyptians who toppled president Hosni Mubarak earlier this year still aren't satisfied.

  • Pakistan After Bin Laden

    Since 2006, Vice has closely followed and chronicled the growing political turmoil in Pakistan, when founder Suroosh Alvi visited the infamous gun market of Darra Adamkhel.

  • Hong Kong Rising

    VICE News traveled to Hong Kong and embedded with the students leading the pro-democracy movement.

  • VICE News Capsule

    The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. This week, Spanish border police are accused of excessive force against migrants in Melilla, and Kosovo rescues a boy whose father took him to Syria.

  • The High Cost of Cheap Clothes

    Cambodian authorities are pushing former sex workers into a trade where conditions and pay are even worse: making clothing for Western brands.

  • Talking Heads: China Strikes Back

    VICE News sat down with Orville Schell to discuss how the US might benefit from better understanding the "Chinese Dream."

  • Turkey's Border War - Part 1

    VICE News traveled to the Turkish side of the Syrian border as US airstrikes hit Islamic State positions in the town of Kobane.

  • VICE News Capsule

    India and Pakistan clash in Kashmir, a St. Louis police officer shoots and kills 18-year-old; a source says Kim Jong Un still in control, and Deadly suicide bombs strike Yemen.

  • The Donetsk People's Republic

    VICE News follows the chaotic birth of the DPR as it tries to forge a path to independence and closer ties to Russia.

  • Fortress Italia

    How is Italy dealing with the massive influx of migrants who are making the perilous—and sometimes deadly—journey across the Mediterranean from Africa's northern coast?

  • VICE News Capsule

    This week: walruses, Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the US, South Africa's rejection of the Dalai Lama's visa application, and more bad news from around the world.

  • Fight for the Forest

    Deep in the formerly tranquil Forest of Sivens in the south of France, militant eco-activists and French riot police are fighting a violent battle in woodlands being cut down to make way for a dam.

  • The Fight Against Ebola

    As President Barack Obama announced that he would be sending American military personnel to West Africa to help combat the epidemic, VICE News traveled to the Liberian capital of Monrovia to spend time with those on the front lines of the outbreak.

  • VICE News Capsule

    The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: A man killed in Chile while handling homemade bomb, Myanmar releases more than 100 child soldiers, Israeli police restrict Palestinian access to Al Aqsa mosque, and Ferguson police chief issues apolog…

  • The Canadian Jihadist

    VICE founder Shane Smith speaks with Somali-Canadian Abu Usamah Somali Farah Shirdon about the battle being waged by the Islamic State.

  • An Invasive Species of Fish Is Taking Over America's Waterways

    Asian carp—a slimy, ugly, and often gargantuan species of invasive fish—have taken over many US lakes and rivers.

  • Ghosts of Aleppo - Part 1

    Embedding with the Islamic Front, the rebel group fighting President Assad and the Islamic State.

  • VICE News Capsule

    The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. This week, we examine wildfires, Ebola, an attempted public beheading, and more bad news from around the world.

  • The Fake Abortion Clinics of America

    Crisis Pregnancy Centers will talk to you all about your planned abortion—but they won't give you one.

  • Yemen: A Failed State

    Since 2011, when Yemeni youths took to the streets and sparked the eventual demise of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh's regime, the country has fallen to pieces.

  • VICE News Capsule

    The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. This week, a UN report forecasts food shortages in Liberia, and authorities arrest protesting fast food employees.

  • VICE News Capsule

    The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. This week, Ukraine's OSCE representative says Russian troops captured a border city, and Brazil dismantles a deforestation gang.

  • Rosario: Violence, Drugs, and Soccer

    In one of Argentina's largest cities, drug dealers have infiltrated all levels of society, especially the supporter clubs, or "barras bravas," of the city's two soccer teams: Rosario Central and Newell's Old Boys.

  • Water War: Dry in Detroit

    Earlier this year, Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department began turning off water utilities for overdue or delinquent accounts. Since April, the department has cut off the water for nearly 3,000 households per week—meaning roughly 100,000 Motor City residents are without water…

  • State of Emergency: Ferguson, Missouri - Part 4

    We hung out with the kids of Ferguson to find out what they think about what's happening in their town.

  • Guantanamo: Black Out Bay

    We traveled to Guantanamo Bay and spoke to a former detainee and guard to find out what life's like at Gitmo.

  • VICE News Capsule

    The Islamic State releases a propaganda video of Yazidi men and boys converting to Islam, and the Chinese government advises villagers in Xinjiang to fight terrorism with “angry stares.”

  • The Crisis of Migrant Children

    Between October 2013 and May 2014, thousands of underage migrants ended up in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detention facilities along the US-Mexico border. Capacity at CBP detention facilities was overwhelmed by the influx of migrants, who predominantly came from Guatemala…