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      10 Reasons Why Nick Cave Makes the Best Music Videos 10 Reasons Why Nick Cave Makes the Best Music Videos

      10 Reasons Why Nick Cave Makes the Best Music Videos

      By Noisey Staff

      February 5, 2013

      When Fred's not being eloquent on Noisey Talks he's busy saving indie music in his band Spector. And when he's not doing THAT he's being a certified fan-boy to the inimitable Nick Cave.

      Nick Cave, one of the very few popular musicians over the age of 50 still seemingly in their prime, has forged a career long and steady enough to have both preceded and succeeded the MTV generation. His videography spans three decades, from grainy VHS TV appearances in the late 70s to the big name directed HD mp4s of today. Cave plays by his own rules when it comes to music videos, as he does with pretty much every other element of his career.

      In 1996, via a now infamous open letter, he requested that his MTV award nomination for Best Male be withdrawn, along with any potential future nominations or awards, reminding them that "MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY MUSE IS A DELICATE ONE AT THE BEST OF TIMES AND I FEEL THAT IT IS MY DUTY TO PROTECT HER FROM INFLUENCES THAT MAY OFFEND HER FRAGILE NATURE." Eighteen years (!) since said fragile nature lead him to his biggest commercial crossover moment with the Kylie featuring "Where The Wild Roses Grow", Nick et al are about to release the Bad Seeds' fifteenth album, Push the Sky Away, and Noisey are lucky enough to have the video premiere of its second single.

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