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      Cry-Baby of the Week Cry-Baby of the Week

      Cry-Baby of the Week

      By Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

      West Coast Editor

      December 29, 2012

      It's time to point and laugh at wimps again.

      Cry-Baby #1: Nina Chaplin

      Photo by Jimmy Snell

      The incident: A woman was unhappy with the Christmas dinner she bought.

      The appropriate response: Complaining to the people that she bought the dinner from AND THEN SHUTTING UP AND NOT TELLING ANOTHER PERSON ABOUT IT BECAUSE NOBODY FUCKING CARES.

      The actual response: She went to the Daily Mail, and sat there holding up her sad little dinner in a bag while some poor idiot took photos of her. 

      Nina Chaplin (pictured above, disgusted) paid £35 per person for her family to eat at a chain pub called The Cricketers. Which is one of those chain pubs that isn't Wetherspoons, but the menus are so sticky it may as well be. 

      The dinner, apparently, was not very good. The meat seemed to be frozen rather than fresh, and the Christmas pudding was "rubbery".

      Later in the article, Nina brings her dead mother into things:

      "Mrs Chaplin said she felt ripped off after paying almost £400 for the meal for 11 at The Cricketers in Rainham, Kent. She had decided to take her family out for Christmas lunch as a treat for her father, Bob Lander, 62.

      ‘This time of year is always hard for my dad because my mum died at Christmas some 13 years ago, so we always try to make it extra special for him,’ said Mrs Chaplin, 41."

      While I have a certain amount of sympathy for in those circumstances, she then goes on to say that she feels the most sorry for her father, who "suffers from emphysema and had saved up his pension money to pay for his meal". So you took him out for a "treat" to help him deal with the death of his wife, and he had to pay for it himself out of his own pension money? Jeeeeeez.

      Cry-Baby #2: The staff of Cedar Creek High School in New Jersey

      Photo by andorand

      The incident: A New Jersey high school student drew some pictures of weapons in a notebook at school.

      The appropriate response: Nothing. Obviously. 

      The actual response: School officials called police, who then arrested the boy.

      Last Tuesday, after noticing that a 16-year-old student was drawing pictures of guns, staff at Cedar Creek High School called the police to say that the boy was displaying "concern-causing behaviour".

      Police arrived and took the boy into custody. They then went to his home and searched it, where they discovered "several electronic parts and several types of chemicals that when mixed together, could cause an explosion". Which, obviously, doesn't sound great. But what does that even mean? Surely every home contains chemicals and electronic parts that, when combined, can cause explosions? Have you never seen The Bourne Identity?

      The unnamed boy was charged with posession of a weapon and explosives, and placed in a youth detention centre. Pat Moran, the local chief of police, later admitted that "there was no indication [the student] was making a bomb, or using a bomb or detonating a bomb". Despite this, none of the news reports have any mention of the boy being released. Which is just a little bit terrifying.

      In a statement to local news, a school spokesperson said: “This is a perfect example of a teacher implementing her training. She saw drawings that appeared disturbing to her and alerted school officials.”

      Look, everyone knows the context of this. But then everyone has drawn a picture of a guy with a gun before too, right?

      Who is the bigger cry-baby? Please offer your feedback in the poll below. I'm not sure what I'll do if you don't:

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      Winner: The Bieber fan!!!

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