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      David Shrigley Sees the Sign

      January 17, 2013

      David Shrigley is a world-renowned artist, illustrator, music video director, photographer, sculptor, spoken-word poet and funny genius guy. Recently, he opened a new gallery exhibit at the Anton Kern Gallery in New York City. The show is titled Signs, and rightfully so considering it features work that plays with semiotics and the concept of the utilitarian sign. The show shifts your frame of reference and messes with your expectations to humorous and thought-provoking results. We tried to get David to answer some of our patented Questions of the Day, but he was so busy doing all those things we listed above, he could only send us these photos from the show. We totally understand. Go to the show, and if you can't, check out the pics above. 

      David Shrigley
      Show runs through February 16th
      Anton Kern Gallery
      532 West 20th Street
      New York, NY 10011

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