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      Noisey Tidbits Roundup Noisey Tidbits Roundup

      Noisey Tidbits Roundup

      By Noisey Staff

      February 22, 2013

      A weekly roundup of anything music-related that's made us excited about being able to hear things.

      1. Pitbull and Lil Jon Lead A Zumba Class!

      The common interpretation of fitness work out revolution Zumba is that it’s a form of dance made purely for stretchy yoga pants wearing mums, who all meet at Cafe Nero for a post-workout caramel macchiato. But, that’s a misconception. Zumba is hood as fuck. Lil Jon is the Zumba king. He likes to get low. He’s probably got at least three bootleg workout DVDs at home. Pitbull also loves a bit of a workout. The other week, whilst out in LA, the two put on a Zumba class. So, this begs the question - what’s next for hip-hop? Can we expect to see a Juicy J legs, bums and tums DVD hitting the shops? How about Danny Brown leading a pump class? I’d pay good money to lift with Fiddy.

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