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      The Many Guises of Outkast The Many Guises of Outkast

      The Many Guises of Outkast

      By Noisey Staff

      January 30, 2013

      Have you ever sat down and watched all the videos that had anything at all to do with Outkast? Of course you haven’t. Because you have a life, and you realise that at some point, some loser will do it for you, punctuating it with some of the more obscure videos that you may not have seen before. Furious Styles is that loser and he's going to look back at the duo’s highlights in front of the camera.

      Outkast have been on the mind recently. A new Big Boi LP for one thing, and an almost collaboration on this Frank Ocean remix of “Pink Matter”. The OutKast boys guest on the track at the same time...but NOT together OK? Andre 3000 was a bit too keen to point that out.
      Now we know brothers normally have their disagreements, and it’s probably no thing, but looking at it from the outside, you can’t help wishing that Andre 3000 and Big Boi would play nicer - be all harmonious and all that.  Only last month, Big Boi  hinted at some discord, bemoaning the lack of collaboration on his album because his partner was “busy on some Gillette shit”...
      ...And boy that Gillette advert, was pretty special it must be said. Andre 3000 pimping and primping his way through characters with pretty absurd facial hair. Because sometimes the corporate cock is just too tasty.

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