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      The Relentless Unmanning of Chris Brown The Relentless Unmanning of Chris Brown

      The Relentless Unmanning of Chris Brown

      By Noisey Staff

      January 28, 2013

      Once again, Chris Brown, the social media world's most prized effigy, has hit the news for being an almighty prick, after an altercation with Frank Ocean. But aside from his obvious personality issues and almost demi-god-like belief that he and his career are invincible, no matter how many new acts of stupid he gets into, all roads lead back to Breezy knocking ten bells out of then girlfriend Rihanna, a woman who has since forgiven Brown for his actions and shacked back up with him. For better or worse, Brown’s career is, and will always be marred for this action, and waves of people will bin his (remarkably average) albums probably without even listening to them.

      This differs from people like Lindsey Buckingham, who was outed for smacking girls in his ex-girlfriend Carol Ann Harris’ biography Storms. But who cares about that, right? That was like, what, 30 years ago probably? It’s in the past now, lets just all move on.
      Except the people that continually lambast Brown for being a sick bastard are the very same ones who’re lauding the Mac’s return next April for their world tour.
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