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Elephant Land!

For each episode of The Cute Show we pick one cute thing and squeeze the stuffing out of it. And that’s about it. Cute ain’t complicated. This one’s for the girls and the big softies. Yay!!

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  • Elephant Land!

    A wacky Busch Gardens-style amusement park in Chiba prefecture.

  • Dog Grooming Expo!

    A bunch of dog lovers recently congregated at a convention center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and groomed their pets to resemble everything except canines. We saw a dinosaur, that orange falcon thing from Harry Potter, Rainbow Brite, Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, and even a hippie.

  • Red Squirrel Orphans!

    Hurricane Katrina knocked over the wee home of some precious baby red squirrels. Luckily, the orphans were quickly relocated and now live with their foster mother, Eileen Welsh, in Morpeth, England. We stopped by Eileen's house at feeding time to make some furry new friends.

  • Snow Leopard Cubs!

    There's nothing better than watching newborn animals curiously explore the world around them. How can your eyes not be glued to all the digging, pouncing, sniffing, falling, and those wide eyes that are too big for their heads. So you can only imagine what it was like when we mad…

  • Baby Badgers!

    Meet a couple of sweet and mischievous baby badgers at the Secret World Rehabilitation Wildlife Centre in the English countryside for jam sandwiches and bottled milk.

  • Peruvian Hairless Dogs!

    Just like other breeds, hairless puppies look 100 percent adorable when they do anything.

  • Pygmy Shetland Ponies!

    In this pint size version of the Cute Show, we traveled to Misty Meadow Farm to play with cutest and tiniest ponies around!

  • Red Pandas!

    For this very furry episode of The Cute Show, we travelled all the way to China to fawn over one of the top ten cutest (and laziest) creatures on the planet: red pandas!

  • Potbellied Pigs!

    For this episode, we hightailed it over to Ross Mill Farm and Piggy Camp, home of the pet potbellied pig.

  • Sloths!

    Let’s meet Costa Rica’s cutest sloth babies!

  • Homespun Merry-Go-Round!

    Come ride on a merry-go-round with soul (and animatronic monkeys)!

  • Alpacas!

    The Cute Show befriends a herd of peace-loving alpacas.

  • Lion Cubs!

    The South Korean Home for Baby Animals has got themselves a set of lion cubs that are about as ad-orable as they come. At least for the next four or five months.

  • Cat Prin!

    The Cute Show meets Japan’s one and only tailor for cats. Cat Prin designs little kitty outfits because God told her to do so.

  • Baby Walrus

    The New York Aquarium´s most enchanting newborn walrus.

  • Cat Champions!

    The 2007 CFA finals at Madison Square Gardens in New York. What does CFA stand for? Why, Cat Fanciers Association of course.

  • Maltese Monster Mash!

    The Cute Show attends a Halloween puppy party, for puppies.

  • Hamster House!

    How about a trip to New York City’s only animal shelter catering exclusively to the hamster and gerbil set?

  • Heartschallenger Ice Cream Truck!

    Inside Heartsrevolution’s bubblegum-colored candy truck ‘o fun. Bringing smiles to the city for the last two summers. They also sell kosher Bazooka Joe!

  • Cupcakes!

    Baking up a batch of smiles with the cupcaking world´s cream of the crop. Literally.

  • Hedgehogs!

    The Cute Show pays a visit to NJ’s Hedgeboken Hedgehogs, tenders of the prickle-balls so cute they’re banned in seven states! (And one province!)

  • Special Needs Pets!

    A park party with some of New York City’s most handi-capable pets, and the sweetest no-eyed kitty we’ve ever met.

  • Kittens!

    The Cute Show seeks an audience with the smoosh-faced princesses of the cat world. A purrfect purrscription for your Meowndays.

  • Bunnies!

    Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies!

    Also goats!

  • Capybara Bathhouse!

    We met a herd of capybara who love to take dips in the park's hot springs.

  • Wiener Dog Races!

    These little ankle-nibblers can run faster than you and your lazy dog put together.

  • Surfing Dogs!

    One of the most talent-filled episodes of the Really-Fucking-Cute Show.

  • Nigerian Pygmy Goats!

    We spent two blissful days in Massachusetts crawling around the grass with these guys.

  • Sugar Gliders!

    VICE fashion editor Annette Lamothe-Ramos introduces us to her parents' sugar gliders, Sonny and Cher.

  • Burrolandia!

    A haven for cute and cuddly donkeys.