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Shosh Shlam on Her New Documentary about Internet Addicts

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  • Shosh Shlam on Her New Documentary about Internet Addicts

    'Web Junkie,' takes a look at one of China's 400 specialty rehab centres.

  • Talking to the Director of Sundance's 2014 Documentary Grand Jury Prize Winner, 'Rich Hill'

    Tracy Droz Tragos weaves America's impoverished heartland back into the fabric of society.

  • Tom Green

    We talked about the whole 'humping a dead moose' thing.

  • The Chapman Brothers

    We sat down with Jake and Dinos Chapman, the siblings behind some of contemporary art's most provocative and comically surreal projects.

  • Paul Mooney

    Talking to one of the most trenchant political satirists in the history of comedy.

  • Glenn Greenwald

    The man who broke the biggest news story of 2013.

  • Slavoj Zizek

    The superstar philosopher talked about his new film and lectured us on the importance of being on time.

  • Clive Stafford Smith

    Meeting with the lawyer who's leading the fight for the Guantanamo Bay hunger strikers.

  • Conrad Black

    A former media baron who renounced his Canadian citizenship to become a British Lord, and later spent time in an American jail.

  • Sue Johanson

    In the first part of our interview with Sue Johanson, Kara talks to Sue about a land before legal abortions.

  • Sue Johanson - Teaser

    Balls, dicks, vaginas, boobs, butt sex and menopause with the ultimate sexual educator.

  • David LaChapelle

    The photographer reminisces about being young and fabulous in New York.

  • Susan Miller

    The world-renowned astrologist invites us into her Astrology Zone (.com).

  • Adult Swim's Rob Corddry (Again)

    We just had to hang with Rob one more time.

  • André Saraiva

    This is an episode in which host Cleo Le-Tan goes to town on a mechanical penis.

  • Karen Black

    A strange interview with the reluctant horror film queen.

  • Guy Tavares

    The cult legend who founded Bunker Records and runs the nightmarish club Dystopia.

  • Terence Winter

    In the latest episode of VICE Meets, the creator of 'Boardwalk Empire' shows us around the show's true-to-life Atlantic City set.

  • VICE Meets: Robert Baer

    The ex-spy who inspired George Clooney's character in "Syriana".

  • Andrew Richardson

    The magazine editor and stylist who got former pornstar Belladonna out of retirement.

  • Ben Anderson

    Television reporter Ben Anderson spent over five years embedded with British and American troops in Afghanistan.

  • Larry Flynt

    Political writer Reihan Salam interviews Hustler publisher and controversial free speech advocate Larry Flynt in this very special episode of VICE Meets.

  • Winston Smith

    We sipped a few beers and reminisced with legendary punk artist and creator of the Dead Kennedys logo, Winston Smith.

  • Johnny Ryan

    Johnny Ryan has been filling the back page of VICE magazine with twisted comics for the past ten years.

  • Rob Delaney

    While in LA working on our Showbiz issue, we met up with comedian and VICE columnist Rob Delaney for a chat about hairiness, Twitter, and funny meat words.

  • Kenneth Anger

    Did I annoy the 85-year-old filmmaker and writer enough for him to cast a Thelemic curse on me?

  • Cees Hendriks

    After making millions by smuggling weed from his Moroccan plantation to the rest of the world, and being captured and convicted for the seventh time, Cees Hendriks decided to change his life and focus on refining cannabis seeds. Now he's revolutionizing weed growth.

  • Abel Ferrara

    In this episode of VICE Meets, we meet cult independent filmmaker Abel Ferrara in his neighborhood, Little Italy. He explains the true story behind his original series for VICE, Pizza Connection, together with a former FBI agent who joins us amidst neighborhood commotion.

  • agnès b.

    agnès b. is a french designer, film director, producer, and patron of the performing arts. She is also the main supporter of the scientific vessel "TARA," which investigates the impact of global warming.

  • Pricasso

    We recently spent the afternoon in Australia's Gold Coast hinterland with Tim Patch, aka Pricasso, a trailblazing artist who paints with his dick. He also uses his balls.