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Nudie Cohn

Finding Fashion's buried nuggets of greatness.

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  • Nudie Cohn

    Clothing designer Nudie Cohn lit a fire in the country music world with glittering suits and jackets with rhinestone-bejeweled pot leaves and gargantuan uppers and downers. His custom creations for Elvis, Gram Parsons, and Hank Williams are now legendary.

  • Junkie Shoes

    We travel to Indonesia to buy sandals made by former drug addicts. The shoes, called "junkies," are a part of a program started by the YAKITA Drug Treatment Center to help women suffering from addiction learn a marketable skill.

  • Peruvian Folk Bling

    In this episode of Behind the Seams, we hang out with Francisco Herrera, who makes extravagant "blinged out" dresses for Peru's folk music superstars.

  • There's Juice in the Fridge

    Video footage of pretty people after they’ve just woken up to stale tequila and regret

  • Mexican Pointy Boots

    In this episode of Behind the Seams we head to the dusty city of Matehuala, Mexico in search of the pointiest long-toed cowboy boots ever made

  • Wool of the Dog

    In this edition of Behind the Seams we hang out with Kendall Crolius who makes fancy knitwear out of dog-hair.

  • Koos and the Cosby Sweaters

    Dutch fashion man Koos van den Akker created the Cosby knitwear using his signature Frankenstein style.

  • Japanese Hairhats

    Meet Shinji Konishi, Tokyo’s leading maker of fake-animal-head hair hats.

  • Bogota's Bulletproof Tailor

    Miguel Caballero makes bulletproof clothing for the world’s elite.