Panda To Sochi

Panda to Sochi: Arrival

The world's smallest SUV, FIAT Freestyle Team riders & VICE adventure the unknown from Turin all the way to Sochi.

  • Panda to Sochi: Arrival

    Finally the day has come, the climax happens right now and the exhaustion found his peak. But the very best: We arrived in unbelievable Sochi!

  • Panda to Sochi: Mariupol on video

    Mariupol, one of the most industrial cities of Ukraine cought our attention for some very decent sports action.

  • Panda to Sochi: Kherson on video

    Our way to a place called Kherson was different. In many ways. It was way colder than before and therefore one of us did a naked sun downer run, romantic of course.

  • Panda to Sochi: Odessa #2 on video

    After exploring the catacombs of Odessa, the crew of Panda to Sochi returned to the more cheerful aspects of the town in this second video.

  • Panda to Sochi: Odessa #1 on video

    A little dive into the parallel universum below the surface of one of the most important cities of the Ukraine and it‘s very doubting cavepaintings.

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 16

    The Russian Riviera is exactly what we thought it will look like. We were welcomed by palm trees and the smell of the Black Sea coast. Russia is showing us a new face, far away of a fat vodka-nose!

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 15

    Thousands of kilometers later, we arrived in Russia and are having an enormous dinner. Propably the most Russian experience we can ever get.

  • Panda to Sochi: Izmail on Video

    We're heading to the Ukraine's mightiest port town, Odessa, and do some street skiing along the way.

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 14

    Some Mariupol citizens will talk about a fun crew with an Italian number on the car for the next days maybe. Whereas we are talking about finally getting into the Russian Federation.

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 13

    A short trip from Kherson du Mariupol, still travelling through the Ukraine, along the Black Sea to the Russian border. We found some distraction with vodka and dare games!

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 12

    A second day in Odessa has started. We bribed the police with a Juventus tricot shirt, before we entered a complete parallel world.

  • Panda to Sochi: Sibiu on Video

    On our way from Budapest to Romania we found a perfect spot to dirt jump on with the BMX.

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 11

    Odessa, the coldest place we have ever been to cought our attention! We did some stunts in an abandoned amphitheatre and no one here bothers about things going on in Kiev.

  • Panda to Sochi: Budapest on Video

    I became partner in crime with east-european proably finest female street-artist, also called Miss KK. We are hooked with Budapest for other reasons too. See why!

  • Panda to Sochi: Vienna on Video

    Watch our ride that leads to subterranean skate parks, hot BMX spots and a guy that looks just like the mutant child of Sideshow Bob and the police dude from The Village People.

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 10

    After short stop at a sex hotel in Izmail we drove to Odessa. On the road there have been street dogs eating pigeons but we tried to keep the focus on finding a decent freestyle ski spot. And so we did!

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 9

    The road had show us his friendly face far too long it seems. Finally the truth is coming through and he unveils his angry face. Welcome to Ukraine!

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 8

    Romania did it‘s best to stop our sports-session. Have a look what happened to the Panda-Crew!

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 7

    Exploring the roadside dirt tracks of Budapest.

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 6

    Touring Vienna's basement skate bowls and graffiti spots.

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 5

    Today we had a very long drive from Bavaria to Vienna. And we had the perfect weather to leave the Alps (not). But Vienna welcomed us very good—with a riot in the Inner City...

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 4 on video

    A roadtrip without some offroad-action is not a roadtrip. And a trip without the epiphany is not a trip... Guys, we met Jesus!

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 3 on video

    Waking up in Geneva, looking for good spots to ride and thinking about swiss fondue. All that happened but moreover I suddenly became Pipi Longstocking. And you don't have to rely yourself on our word—as of now, we also have it on camera. Check it out!

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 3

    Waking up in Geneva, looking for good spots to ride and thinking about swiss fondue. All that happened but moreover I suddenly became Pippi Langstrumpf. Check it out!

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 2

    This day was full of car tunnels and athletic stunts. But moreover I realised that we are writing history! See why.

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 1

    Day One of our road trip to Sochi starts out in Turin and has something to do with a pro biker jumping over our heads.

  • Welcome to Panda To Sochi

    Together with Fiat, we're about to launch a unique road trip to Olympia right here. And it wouldn't be us if we weren't ready to take some minor and major detours along with a couple of challenges and contests between Turin and our final destination. This is Panda to Sochi!