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      A Musical Journey to the Center of Bret Easton Ellis

      February 3, 2010

      By VICE Staff

      Let us just start by saying we've got no interest in hearing why you like or dislike Bret Easton Ellis. For the record, we think he's pretty great, but that's not the discussion we're having. We also don't care about that thing he wrote on twitter about Salinger dying. Actually we thought it was funny, but again, not what we're on about right now. What we are on about here is his taste in music.

      Here is a playlist compiled from Ellis's last 10 months of tweets. For those of us who will never get to meet or fuck the man, we feel it is the closest we'll come to running our fingers through the dark waters of the mind that gave birth to the Bateman family, Finn and Julian from Less than Zero, and the horrific dog-raping Furby from the end of Lunar Park (sorry, spoiler alert). Take a listen if you dare, but be forewarned, This Is Not An Exit/Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter/that thing about merging/etc.



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