Glitter's Fun for Girly Thugs

By Paul Joyce

Tamina Navaei dresses like a teenage boy who just hit his adolescent peak, but her head's always filled with glitter, fluffy cats, pugs in clothes and every shade of pink. Her influences include her own Iranian heritage, Wu-Tang and Courtney Love's school of sparkly grunge. We think she's pretty great because she ties into that very current trend for making pretty girl clothes in oversized, masculine, hip-hop inspired shapes.

Always a lover of comfort, she makes clothes that fit well, but look like they don't. Simplicity is key. Throw it over your head and then straight out the door. Bosh. 

Photography: Christina Smith
Styling: Paul Joyce
Model: Luisa 
Makeup and Hair: Anna Wild 
All clothes by Tamina Navaei