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      The Best Foreign Language Cover Versions

      By Noisey Staff

      February 21, 2013

      This article was originally posted on Noisey.


      English may be the global language, spoken from London, England to London Island, Chile, but it would appear that sometimes those not blessed with the ability to decipher the tongue of Shakespeare, like to make their own versions of our songs without really messing about with the music. Which is obviously the best way to do it because fuck “interpretations” just get out the Google Translate and get on with it. This was best summed up to me by a Swedish friend who told me about childhood days singing songs round the campfire in the frozen north. I was expecting some haunting folk tunes about Vikings or getting trapped in your Saab for two months but instead she just sang me the Cats song “Memory” in Swedish. Fired by this piece of cross-cultural brilliance, I went in such of more foreign-language covers. Here’s what I found.

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