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      The Noisey Guide to Nardwuar Etiquette

      By Noisey Staff

      December 20, 2012

      I was going to go outside today, I had things to do and people to see - yet here I am again; four hours deep into a Nardwuar binge that looks set to go the distance. Do I feel a sense of shame? Yes, but not entirely, as many good men and women have been lost down the Nardwuar rabbit hole, where one video leads to another and minutes blend into days. It’s a world where Henry Rollins, Carly Rae Jepsen and Young Jeezy all share a space, the only constant being our tartan-clad Canuck hero and his time capsule of old records and plastic-entombed memorabilia. 

      As you might have guessed, my favourite music journalist is Nardwuar, The Human Serviette. There are many reasons why this is the case, most of them well documented; his joie de vivre, Lord Leveson-worrying research techniques and trendsetting fashions all play their part. Most of all, though, Nardwuar offers us a window to the soul through the medium of celebrity interview.

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