The Vice Guide To Film

Gaspar Noe - Part 3

Argentinian born, French filmmaker Gaspar Noe is the most notorious punk rock auteur in cinema today. His first two films, “I Stand Alone” and “Irreversible,” are fucked up punch-in-the-face film experiences that combine dark sex with dark violence. And drugs. Gaspar is, on paper and in practice, the perfect Vice director. A few months ago our friend Harmony Korine called us going on and on about Gaspar, who was shooting a film in the sex clubs of Tokyo while using the Japanese Yakuza mafia as his “locations managers.” According to Harmony, the film set was like nothing he had every seen before. Gaspar was given unprecedented access to areas of Tokyo (Shinjuku and Kabukicho) that are literally off-limits to “gaijin” (foreigners) let alone to camera crews. Somehow Gaspar negotiated his way into the neighborhood for 3 months to shoot something called “Enter the Void.” The film is a psychedelic sex melodrama (he says) that he’s page script with no dialogue. Information about the film is sketchy at best and Gaspar Noe is notorious for not leaking information about his films beforehand. But with an introduction from Harmony and a Japanese cell phone number we decided that trying to find Gaspar Noe in Tokyo’s red light district was like the perfect Vice film storm. Along the way we recap the decade of sex, drugs and lunacy that defines all things VICE.