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      Shane Smith

      I'm Shane Smith, co-founder of VICE, a magazine I started in Montreal in 1994 that has since become a global company operating in 30 countries. I also went to North Korea twice, and starred in the VICE Guide to North Korea, which featured footage of my trip. Most recently I went to Liberia, a war-torn country in Africa plagued with heroin dens, teenage prostitution, and even cross-dressing cannibals; and then to the North Korean labor camps hidden in the forests of Siberia.

      Por Shane Smith dic 1, 2009

      Spike Jonze

      En los cinco años que hace que somos amigos, Spike Jonze no ha dejado nunca de trabajar en la adaptación cinematográfica del clásico libro para niños de Maurice Sendack Donde Viven los Monstruos (Where the Wild Things Are). Para Spike, realizar esta pelíc…

      Por Shane Smith dic 1, 2009