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Matt Mignanelli

Explorando las mentes de nuestros artistas favoritos.

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  • Matt Mignanelli

    Pasamos un dia con este artista en su estudio y comimos una pizza increíble, además platicamos sobre su vida y la fuerte ética de trabajo norteamericana.

  • Rostarr

    Platicamos con el pintor, caligrafista y cineasta que radica y trabaja en Brooklyn, Nueva York.

  • Nazario

    Fuimos a visitar la buhardilla de esta leyenda del cómic.

  • Cody Hudson

    Cody tiene ojo para la pedacería, pero su última obsesión involucra ensamblar y pintar madera desechada.

  • Seher One

    Para Seher pintar es como "ser un animal. Conforme más lo alimentas, más quiere y más crece".

  • Christy Karacas

    On the eve of Superjail’s second season, we sit with show creator and animation genius Christy Karacas to bathe in the wonder of his being.

  • Douglas Gordon

    Turner Prize-winning artist Douglas Gordon is one of our favorite artists.

  • Zoro Feigl (NL)

    We gingen langs bij de Amsterdamse kunstenaar Zoro Feigl, wiens werk vergeleken is met seks, mechanica en het werk van Paul McCarthy en Matthew Barney. Zoro vertelt je over visueel spektakel en over hoe kunst hem met de laplepel is ingegoten door zijn moeder, die van voor h…

  • AIDS 3D

    This time Art Talk meets the guys from Aids-3D.

  • Moynihan

    In this episode of “Politicians, Pundits, and Other People,” Eddy Moretti pays a visit to Reason magazine, speaking with sagacious senior editor Michael Moynihan about the magazine’s history, the finer points of Libertarianism, and why Glenn Beck is a bad

  • Jon Kessler

    One of Williamsburg’s earliest artists shows us his mechanical prints and things.

  • Jonathan Meese

    Jonathan Meese is obsessed with German mythology and calls for the dictatorship of art.

  • Chris O'Donnell

    This episode of Art Talk features the world renowned and soft spoken tattoo artist Chris O’Donnell. Chris is sought after for his bold and powerful style that immediately translates to any one that sees it.

  • Bongoût

    Christian “Meeloo” Gfeller and Anna Hellsgård run a silkscreen workshop & Graphic design studio.The two regularly join forces with artists and designers to create limited edition, hand printed artist books.

  • Centralia, PA

    In 1962, the coalmine beneath Centralia, PA caught fire – and it still burns today. We traveled there to find out who stayed behind when everyone else gave up on the place.

  • Oil of L.A.

    Twenty billion barrels of oil sit beneath Los Angeles. Hidden in plain sight, thousands of wells pump day and night all over the city covered by hollow office buildings, camouflaged next to high schools, and concealed behind shopping malls.

  • Daniel Richter

    Daniel Richter is a German artist who started out designing record sleeves for punk bands in the 80s and evolved into a Saatchi-repped painter loved by all.

  • Lance Acord

    Art Talk meets the cinematographer for Where the Wild Things Are.

  • Casey Storm

    Art Talk meets the costume designer for Where the Wild Things Are.

  • Eric Zumbrunnen

    Art Talk visits the studio of Eric Zumbrunnen, film editor for Where the Wild Things Are.

  • Sonny Gerasimowicz

    Art Talk meets the creature designer for Where the Wild Things Are.

  • K.K. Barrett

    K.K. Barrett explains the creative vision behind the set design of director Spike Jonze’s latest project: Where the Wild Things Are.

  • Osang Gwon

    Korean artist Osang Gwon introduces us to his “Deodorant type” of sculpture.

  • Archivo VICE: Miki Guadamur

    Quiere intoxicar al mundo con glucosa a través de la pintura, dibujos, música y literatura.

  • Leonard Knight

    10,000 gallons of paint and God-love in the middle of the California badlands.

  • Vito Acconci

    Vito Acconci first gained recognition as a New York City poet who edited the journal 0 TO 9 with Bernadette Mayer in the 60s

  • Andreas Golder

    A Russian artist obsessed with death and dismemberment? Who’da thunk it.

  • Gary Panter

    Gary Panter has been up to so much shit over the past three decades it is literally crazy.

  • Carlos Amorales

    El artista de performance favorito en México lleva finesa e insinuaciones a Times Square y lucha libre al centro Pompidou en París.

  • K8 Hardy

    Our favorite queer performance artist does handstands for art and fulminates on the troubling funniness of enormous pants. Are you READY!!!